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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

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Cosmetic surgery abroad makes it far, far cheaper for you to get high-quality treatment at reputable private clinics.

It’s no secret that if you live in a wealthy country like the US your money just doesn’t go as far. We can help you arrange affordable treatment in reputable, private clinics overseas.

You’ll be able to experience the highest standards, and the best patient care…but you’ll be able to save up to 70% of the cost, sometimes even more.

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Why is Cosmetic Surgery Abroad So Much Cheaper?

You may be worried that the lower prices overseas mean that you will get a lower standard of care.

This is simply not true. The prices are cheaper, but this certainly does not mean that the surgeons are any less qualified or experienced.

Many plastic surgeons overseas trained in the US, to the same standards of excellence as you would hope for at home.

There are a number of reasons why prices are so much more affordable in other parts of the world.

Often it is simply the difference between the cost of living in different countries.

Labor costs vary, along with all of the other costs associated with running a business. A lot of countries are just more business-friendly, especially in Asia.

Also, some clinics we work with are actually quite expensive when compared to their local competitors. For instance, our recommended clinic for hair transplant surgery in Istanbul is one of the more expensive in the city – yet is still going to save you between 60% – 70% compared to the UK price!

Lower taxes can make it much easier for a skilled cosmetic surgery specialist to set up a plastic surgery clinic , and allow the prices to be set at a more competitive rate.

And some Western countries (especially the US!) have such a “compensation culture” that prices are driven sky-high to cover insurance costs in case of litigation.

Whatever the reason, far from exposing yourself to extra, unnecessary risks, by going abroad for surgery, you are able to get access to more highly-skilled surgeons than you are probably able to afford in your home country.

There are other sites arranging cosmetic surgery holidays. What makes you so different?

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First off, we hate the term “cosmetic surgery holiday”. It’s misleading, and we’d never use it.

The best advise we can give you is to avoid any site that trivializes surgery in this way.

But also, unlike other sites, we are NOT affiliated to any of the clinics that we introduce you to.

Why is this important?

Well, it frees us up to give impartial, trustworthy information.

If we find that a clinic’s standards are dropping, we’re under no obligation to continue working with them, and we prefer it that way.

We can also offer a greater number of quality destinations, so you can find an option that is close enough to you to avoid long haul flights while are recovering from surgery!

But if we had to choose just one way that we are different from the crowd, it’s this:

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