Treatment for Wrinkles

How To Choose Which Wrinkle Treatment Method is Right For You

Recent years have seen some remarkable developments in anti-aging and wrinkle treatments, and we now have a far better understanding of what causes wrinkles, along with how to reduce their occurrence, and how to treat wrinkles once they appear.

Numerous studies have uncovered more and more information about who is most at risk of developing wrinkles, and why this should be so.

Unfortunately, because so many people are genuinely quite desperate to lose or at least reduce their wrinkles, there is a lot of misinformation about, particularly from the cosmetics industry, pedaling ineffective solutions at inflated prices.

If you are serious about wanting to get rid of wrinkles, you will be far better off looking into the possibilities offered by dermatology and cosmetic surgery, which, although more expensive, can actually offer a solution.

It is useful to understand the different types of wrinkles, in order to know what causes them, along with how to treat them. The best method for removing neck wrinkles will not be the same as the techniques used for removing dynamic wrinkles, such as the nasolabial folds (the lines from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth), or glabella lines (the frown-lines that develop between the eyebrows).

Some wrinkles will be caused by sun damage, while others will be caused by a loss of volume to the muscle and fat underneath the skin. Dynamic wrinkles are those created by constant facial movements, such as laughter lines. It stands to reason that different types of wrinkles will not respond in the same way to the same treatment.

However, you can be reassured that whatever the cause, there will be an available technique that is suited to reducing or removing those wrinkles.

And while such treatments may not be exactly cheap, if you find that they are outside of your price-range, there is also the option of travelling abroad for treatment. Wrinkle treatment and anti-aging therapies can be as little as one-tenth of the cost in some overseas countries.

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What is the Best Treatment For Forehead Wrinkles?

Forehead winkles and lines are very common, and can often have a way of giving us an expression that is inappropriate for our actual mood. Luckily, there are now various ways of treating forehead wrinkles, the most popular of which is Botox injections. Botox is extremely effective at reducing those horizontal lines on the forehead that frequently give the patient a stern, furrowed appearance.

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What Treatment is there for Nasolabial Folds?

Nasolabial Folds, frequently known as laughter lines or smile lines, can look attractive to many people. Like other dynamic wrinkles, they develop as a result of years of laughing, smiling and talking, and can signify to many that the owner of these lines is a fun, friendly, open person.

Nonetheless, many people who have especially deep, visible nasolabial folds may feel that it gives away a little too much about their real age!

In these cases, there are various methods to reduce the appearance of laughter lines, depending on the patient’s individual case. Injectable fillers are one of the most common methods of treating nasolabial folds, and face lift surgery or micro liposuction are also frequently used very effectively.

Is There a Way of Treating Perioral Lines?

Perioral Lines, the fine, and sometimes not-so-fine, lines and wrinkles around the mouth, are generally less “welcome” than laughter lines. Most patients with pronounced perioral lines wish dearly to find an effective treatment.

Botox can be, and is, used by some surgeons and dermatologists to smooth-out these lines. However, there is a risk of immobilising the lips if too much Botox is used, which clearly is undesirable.

It is generally accepted that the best method for reducing the appearance of these kinds of lines around the mouth is generally Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Unlike neurotoxins such as Botox, and injectable fillers, which need to be repeated to maintain the results, Laser Skin Resurfacing is a permanent, or at least a long-term treatment.

In many cases, patients find that this method of treatment almost completely eliminates their Perioral Lines.

What Ways are there to Rejuvenate Sun-Damaged Skin?

Sun-damaged skin is so common, and it is undoubtedly one of the main causes behind the appearance of aging. Unfortunately, it seems to be so easy to damage the skin over the years, and yet it has only recently become realistic to undo that damage.

Various Laser Treatments such as Fraxel and Pulse Dye Laser are being used with much success, and chemical peels continue to be used by some surgeons and dermatologists.

Can Lines and Wrinkles On My Neck Be Treated?

Our poor necks are frequently the most neglected part of our body, so no wonder the neck is so prone to all sorts of lines and wrinkles. While most of us take care to use sun block on our faces, many of us will forget, or not bother, to apply protection to our necks. It should be no surprise, then, that most lines and wrinkles on the neck are caused, not by aging, but by sun-damage!

Botox and Dermal Fillers will generally not be an appropriate fix for neck wrinkles, but Laser Treatments can be extremely effective at turning back the clock.

In some instances, Neck Lift Surgery may be the more appropriate option, although the patient should be aware that this is a surgical procedure, and carries substantially more risk.

What Are the Risks Involved With Wrinkle Treatment?

The are varying degrees of risks involved with the different types of treatments for wrinkles, and so the best advice that can be given is to look carefully into whichever treatment you are thinking about.

Clearly, some of the treatments for wrinkles are more permanent than others, but also have a higher attendant risk of complications, so a little careful research can help you to decide whether the pro’s outweigh the con’s for your particular treatment.

Are There Any Facial Exercises That I Can Do to Reduce Wrinkles?

There are any number of facial exercise programs available on the internet that claim to be able to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

However, we believe that you should approach any such information with the utmost scepticism. At best, there is no scientific evidence that any such facial exercises work, and at worst, they may even make any lines and wrinkles more pronounced. It’s certainly difficult to see how a dynamic wrinkle, caused by movement, could be in any way improved by more movement!

By all means, take a look at the information available, but do remember that there are different causes for wrinkles, and that these surely cannot all be addressed by any exercise program!

What Are the Best Facial Fillers For Treatment of Wrinkles?

Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are probably the most well-known. However, other fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra may have longer-term results.

There is also the option of human collagen injections, such as Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast, which are effective at treating wrinkles, along with autologous fat transfer, where fat donations from the patients own body can be used to fill lost volume.

The different options all have different benefits and disadvantages, as well as different price tags.

Generally, a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will have his or her own personal preference for a particular method of wrinkle treatment. Although some patients may be a little cynical about this, and assume that the preference will be driven by commercial interests, we think that this is generally not the case.

Any experienced practitioner will naturally develop preferences, based on his own experiences and results, and will most likely have a good idea of what has worked well for his patients in the past.

So while you, as a patient, should not feel railroaded into a treatment you are not so comfortable with, do remember that your doctor will have, or should have, used that treatment many, many times. It will usually be wise to at least consider his recommendations, on the basis of his years of experience.

How Much Should I Expect Treatment for Wrinkles to Cost?

If you are intending to get a non-surgical wrinkle treatment such as Botox or injectable fillers, then an average cost in the US is around $1,500. This cost can be reduced to around 10% to 20% of the original price, if you choose to get treatment abroad.

Surgical procedures, such as Face Lifts, Neck Lifts and Liposuction are, needless to say, far more expensive, but again, there are great savings to be made in other countries with lower infrastructure costs.

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