Thigh Lift Surgery (Thighplasty)

Get rid of your excess skin and fat, and reclaim the firm, attractive legs of your younger years

You are certainly not alone in considering Thigh Lift Surgery.

A number of different people may find themselves in need of Thigh Lift surgery, or Thighplasty, for different reasons. From sudden substantial weight loss to simple progress of inevitable time, loose and saggy skin on the thighs can happen to practically anyone.

While exercise can tone-up the underlying muscles, it will be useless at tackling your excess skin, and is quite hit-and-miss when it comes to reducing fatty deposits on the thighs and other stubborn areas. A Thigh lift can be a great, and far more effective, way to improve the appearance of your legs. It also gets rid of unsightly cellulite, and eliminates chafing from the rubbing together of the loose skin of your inner thighs.

Many locations abroad popular for cheaper surgery

Most US residents choose to go to South or Central America. Especially popular choices are Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

In Europe, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are becoming increasingly popular with medical tourists, while further afield, Thailand and India can offer great savings.

Thigh lift surgery can either be performed on its own, or as part of a package along with other cosmetic surgery procedures or Liposuction.

Many medical tourists choose to combine Thigh Lift Surgery with Buttock Lift or Arm Lift Surgery. Often, combining two or more cosmetic surgery procedures enables the cosmetic surgeon to reduce the costs for you.

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What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh Lift surgery is a procedure designed to tone and reshape your legs, getting rid of any embarrassing slackness of the skin.

The process removes excess skin and fat, and repositions the surrounding tissue to create a firmer contour and a more youthful look.

Will I Benefit From a Thigh Lift?

Both the aging process and rapid weight loss can result in loose skin on the thighs. If this has happened to you, you may benefit from a thigh lift.

You do need to be aware, though, that there will be scarring, although a good thigh lift surgeon will conceal much of the scars in the bodies natural contours.

Above all, your expectations must be realistic.

What is Involved?

Several different kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures are popularly called a thigh lift. These target different areas of the thigh and upper leg to give you specific desired results.

For sagging and droopy skin on the inner thigh, an inner thigh lift is the best bet.

It specifically targets the inner thigh, and eliminates excess fat and skin from the inner thigh.

It can also treat reduced skin elasticity from sudden weight loss, and ageing. Incisions are made at the groin, between the thigh and the pubic area, and excess skin is trimmed, fat removed, and skin is tightened.

A bilateral thigh lift tightens the skin of your leg on the front and the outside. The incisions are at the top, in the groin, and the tightening and suturing shows effect on both sides of the leg.

A medial thigh lift on the other hand reduces and tightens excess skin and fat only on the upper inner thigh, in a specifically targeted way. The incision is at groin, but continues to the back, following the crease of the hips. Excess skin and fat are removed, tightening the remaining skin on the leg.

What are the Risks?

Generally, the risk of complications with a thigh lift is quite low. However, there are no minor surgeries, just minor surgeons.

Choose an experienced thigh lift surgeon, so as to avoid or lessen the risks of serious mishaps.

Possible complications are haematomas, infection or nerve damage. Although major problems are rare, a reputable surgeon will discuss all the options and risks with you.

When going to another country for a thigh lift surgery, always check that the surgeon and the clinic you are considering have the right kind of credentials, infrastructure, and experience to ensure a safe and effective experience.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery usually takes up to two weeks after thigh lift surgery, and non-strenuous normal activity can be resumed after two or three weeks. However, patients are usually advised to refrain from strenuous work, sports, exercise, and sexual activity for about six weeks after their thigh lift.

The scars that remain are in less visible parts of the anatomy, and easily hidden under clothes, under things or bathing suits.

How Much Does Thigh Lift Surgery Cost?

Prices for Thigh Lift Surgery vary greatly depending on where you opt to get your thigh lift surgery performed. Thigh lift surgery can often be up to 70% cheaper in South and Central America, Asia and Eastern Europe, when compared to the same level of treatment in the wealthier countries.

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