Temporal Brow Lift Surgery

One of the Most Commonly Used Types of Brow Lift Technique, Targeting Specifically the Temple and Outer-Eyebrow Area

One of the earliest signs of aging is drooping eyebrows. As a result, Brow Lift surgery is becoming increasingly popular, and there are several different types of brow lift, all designed to target and rejuvenate different areas of the forehead and eyebrow area.

Temporal Brow Lift surgery is, as its name suggests, intended to address sagging at the temples, along with mild brow ptosis, or drooping of the eyebrows, and crow’s feet, the small wrinkles at the corner of the eyes. It is most suitable for younger patients who are concerned by the onset of wrinkles and a slight drooping of the eyebrows, but who are nonetheless not really ready for a full brow lift.

Where standard brow lift surgery lifts the whole eyebrow, the Temporal Brow Lift raises only the outer side of the eyebrows, and is even less invasive than the Endoscopic Brow Lift, another very popular procedure.

The Temporal Brow Lift has several benefits; it is a rather more discreet procedure for facial rejuvenation, with less post-surgery down-time and a lower chance of complications. Crow’s feet are reduced, the eyebrows are given a rather elegant arch, and any scarring is concealed behind the hair-line at the temples. On the down-side, it is less of a versatile procedure, and does not help with any other facial sagging.

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Am I a suitable candidate for a Temporal Brow Lift?

If you have become recently concerned by crow’s feet, and a slight drooping of your eyebrows, and the problem is not too far advanced, then Temporal Brow Lift surgery may be an appropriate option for you.

If you have a slight drooping of the eyebrows, and also some furrows to your brow, one possibility is to opt for the Temporal Brow Lift, but combine it with Botox injections, which can produce pretty similar results to an Endoscopic Brow Lift, with less incisions and less risk of complications.

If you are bothered by a more severe problem, with deep wrinkles in the forehead, and more significant sagging of the whole eyebrow, creating a perpetually worried, angry or tired appearance, then a Temporal Lift will not be the most appropriate option, and you may do better to consider a Full Brow Lift. Generally, Temporal Lifts are appropriate for patients into their forties, after which a full brow lift is more likely to be the procedure of choice.

Where will my operation be performed?

While more invasive brow lift options need to be performed in a proper clinical facility, Temporal Brow Lifts can be, and frequently are, performed in a plastic surgery office.

Where are incisions will be made?

Small incisions, which may be less than an inch, and up to two inches in length, are made to the skin behind the hairline at the temples. Through these incisions, the brow is detached from the bone, and elevated slightly, to create a more youthful appearance. The size of the incisions helps determine the degree of lifting that will be possible.

Because the incisions are placed behind the hairline, scarring is not be an issue.

What are the benefits of a Temporal Brow Lift?

A Temporal Brow Lift is a relatively-safe rejuvenating procedure, that can make the patient look younger, more feminine, and less worried or anxious. Lifting of the outside of the brow creates an attractive, slightly exotic and feline arch to the eyebrows, making it very popular with many women.

It puts a slight tension on the skin, stretching it and smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes. As well as reducing crow’s feet, it will also, in many cases, smooth out the skin around the cheeks, making the cheekbones more prominent, and improve the appearance of the upper eyelids.

What risks are involved?

We have stated that the procedure is safer than other types of brow lifts, and it is.

There is a lower chance of infections, and other complications, since the procedure is less invasive, using less, and smaller incisions. There is minimal chance of damage to muscles and nerves, one of the more common problems with some other types of brow lift.

Nonetheless, the Temporal Brow Lift is a surgical procedure, and as such, there is always some degree of risk.

Complications may be infections, or the problem may be one of the results not being what you hoped for.

Choosing a reputable surgeon, with plenty of experience at this type of procedure, will help minimize the chance of complications.

How long is the recovery period after a Temporal Brow Lift?

Initially, you can expect quite a bit of swelling. However, in spite of this, recovery is usually very fast. Drains are rarely necessary, and discomfort is easily managed using a cold compress and painkillers. Within ten days, you can expect to be looking quite presentable, with a little concealer, and able to return to work.

How much does a Temporal Brow Lift cost?

Prices for a Temporal Lift will generally be cheaper than for a full Brow Lift. This is partly because the procedure is less involved, and is faster to perform. The fact that it can be performed in an office rather than a surgical facility will also have a bearing on the cost.

Prices for this procedure, as with all surgery, can be expected to vary from country to country, depending on the cost of living and also infrastructure costs. Many patients choose to travel abroad to take advantage of this disparity, and by doing so are often able to save thousands on the price of a Temporal Brow Lift.

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