String Implants – The Dangers of Getting Polypropylene Breast Implants

Although Polypropylene Breast Implants, also commonly known as String Breast Implants or PPP Implants have been outlawed in most if not all countries, it is clear that they can still be obtained

String Breast implants make extreme breast augmentation possible – at a cost!

Conventional Breast Augmentation methods do make it possible to get extra large breast implants, but none of them offer the possibility of the truly gigantic breasts that String Breast Implants are able to. And the thing with String Implants is the boobs just won’t stop growing.

Rarely seen outside the adult entertainment industry, string breast implants can quickly assume cartoon-ish proportions. They do this because Polypropylene is by nature a spongy material that easily absorbs fluids from the body, meaning that implants made from this material expand quickly and exponentially. Withdrawn from general use quite some time ago, there is evidence that some surgeons are continuing to use Polypropylene Breast Implants.

The polypropylene implant irritates the pocket where the implant is placed, which in turn causes a production of fluids to protect the area. What the body doesn’t know is that this fluid will be absorbed by the string breast implant, causing almost continual growth.

The only way to keep the growth of the breast implant in check is by regular removal of the fluids, before they can be absorbed by the implant.

Possibly the cosmetic surgeons continuing to provide string implants for their patients genuinely believe that they are offering a service for their clients, but they are undoubtedly breaking the law, and putting the patients life at risk, in doing so.

In addition to the obvious fact that having all of your body’s fluids leached away by your breast implants, the size and weight that these string implants are capable of reaching will clearly create a massive strain on the body. There are reports where the weight of each breast reaches a weight of 25 pounds and beyond.

Another risk is that because the material is so unpredictable, the breasts are very likely to grow at different rates, resulting in a massive asymmetry.

You would be very unlikely, not to say unlucky, to find a surgeon who would use PPP implants without your knowledge.

I am, however aware that quite a few people have searched our site for information on string implants, so we feel it is only responsible to give a small warning to anyone actively seeking out this dangerous form of breast implant, and point them in the direction of something a little less-hazardous.

It is possible to get extra-large silicone gel and saline breast implants, and if they really must be oversized, then getting high profile breast implants can help you with this.

But if you truly want the size of breasts that string implants offer, then I’m afraid your best bet is waiting for a new, safer, technology to come along!