Sclerotherapy: The Treatment of Choice for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is a hemorrhoid and varicose veins treatment for older adults. It is also used to correct blood vessel malformations in children and young adults.

Varicose veins can be ugly, and can make us reluctant to show our legs. They can also become very painful. Luckily, modern methods nowadays are very effective, and if you get treatment abroad you will be able to take advantage of the huge savings available.

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Sclerotherapy is one of the oldest therapies still in use today. Doctors began injecting a combination of iodine and tannin in 1854. This effectively cured varicose veins in at least 16 cases.

Due to the adverse side effects caused by the injections, the therapy was abandoned in favor of venous stripping. Stripping can cause severe scarring. In hopes of reducing scarring, doctors continued to experiment with different injections as the years went by.

Sclerotherapy works by causing the vein to shrink immediately. Over the course of several weeks, the vein is naturally absorbed by the body leaving no scars. Better anesthetics and vein-shrinking drugs are now available.

The therapy is considered the method of choice for treating large spider veins and longer thread veins. It is preferable to laser treatments, because the injected solutions close the feeders that cause the spider veins to appear. Laser treatments are ineffective for that purpose.

Advancements in technology have continued to improve the effectiveness and reduce the unwanted side effects. Ultrasound is now used to map the area to be treated. Ultrasound is also used during follow-up visits to verify the success of the treatment.

Foaming drugs have been developed to increase the surface area and improve results. The foaming drugs replace the blood in the vessels rather than mixing with it, which allows them to remain active for a longer period of time.

This form of treatment is referred to as foaming sclerotherapy. It is usually recommended for longer or larger spider veins or longer thread veins.

Complications of this therapy are rare. When they occur, it usually has to do with clots forming elsewhere in the body. So, it is important that a person be in good physical health before therapy begins.

Some of the complications that have occurred in the past include visual disturbances, changes in skin color and death of the skin covering the vein. The skin death or necrosis occurs when the drugs are injected outside of the vein.

Scarring and tissue death, as well as necrosis, can occur. So, it is also important to choose a practitioner familiar with this form of varicose veins treatment. There might still be a small risk of injury. But there is always a small risk of negative side effects with any surgical treatments.

Sclerotherapy is generally recognized as safe and is fully FDA approved.

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