Plastic Surgery Prices – What Do You Need to Know?

Prices for any sort of medical procedure are extremely tricky! But please don’t think that we don’t want to give you too much information.

One thing you need to know is that any quotes provided can only ever be an estimate.

Until you have actually had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, it is to be expected that your surgeon does not know your exact requirements or your unique circumstances.

It is always in your best interests to get a reasonable number of quotes to compare plastic surgery prices. Besides anything else, one surgeon may be able to draw your attention to a different plastic surgery procedure that may be more appropriate for your needs.

To get the most accurate price quotation for your plastic surgery, it is really quite essential that you have a proper discussion about the procedure you want, and whether it is realistic for you!

An Example: You may want to have breast implants, as you feel that your boobs are sagging, but when you speak to a surgeon he explains that it is actually a breast uplift that will help you achieve the appearance you desire.

Fair enough?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay?

Costs vary depending on several factors:

  • The skill of the cosmetic surgeon. The more skilled and experienced the surgeon is, the higher fees he can command.
  • Exclusiveness of the clinic (some clinics specialize in celebrities, for instance. They cost more, as you’d imagine…)
  • The surgery being considered…
  • The going rates of the region you choose to get your plastic surgery done. (It is possible to pay around a third of the price for cosmetic surgery by traveling to a destination with lower infrastructure costs.)

What this means, though, is that in an overseas country with lower average costs it is much more likely you’ll be able to afford a really talented surgeon.

Whereas, if you are from a fairly wealthy country, it may be the case that you would only be able to afford an average (or even mediocre surgeon) at a disreputable clinic in your own neighborhood!

To give a general idea of how much prices can differ, nose reshaping surgery can be expected to cost around £4,500 in the UK, but closer to £1,000 in Peru. Similarly, while a breast lift will cost close to £6,000 in the UK, plastic surgery clinics in India are able to provide the same treatment for around £1,500.

Why Does Plastic Surgery Cost Less Abroad?

Despite what you may have read, it’s certainly no reflection on quality or reputability. In fact the reason is simply lower overheads. Wages are typically less, while at the same time many countries are more business-friendly, resulting in lower costs for you.

Is it True that Plastic Surgery Prices are Decreasing?

There is some evidence that since the start of the global recession, fees have taken a slight dip at some clinics. There are certainly plastic surgery clinics that are offering reduced prices for combinations of treatment, for instance “Mommy Makeovers”, to encourage more business in these difficult times. However, costs have not really dropped significantly, and can probably be expected to start rising again soon.

Is it Possible to Get Financial Help with the Cost of Plastic Surgery?

Generally speaking, the costs of plastic surgery will not be covered by medical insurance, as it is an elective procedure. Plastic Surgery Loans are an option for many patients. Find out more about financing plastic surgery…

What Should Be Included in the Price?

When you are comparing quotes, it is essential to understand what is, and isn’t, included in the price. In much the same way as with airlines, clinics sometimes don’t include all of the services you will need in your price quote.

Examples may be that the anaesthetist’s fee is not included, or that any essential revision work may not be included. This need not be a concern, as long as you are fully-aware of what the quote is for, and what is included. As a rule of thumb, only what is explicitly stated as being included should expected to be included in your plastic surgery quote.

Which Countries have the Cheapest Clinics?

India frequently wins out in terms of pure savings. But many countries around the world offer better prices for plastic surgery than you can probably find at home. Usually the best option for you is to pick a fairly close location, and it is usually advisable to stick to your own continent.

There are some extremely popular locations for cheaper surgery in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, Asia and the Middle East, so there is sure to be country near you that can offer a great deal!

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