Pec Implants (Pectoral Augmentation)

Do you find it impossible to develop your pectoral muscles, no matter how much time you spend in the gym?

Many men find it difficult to develop their pectoral muscles, no matter how much time they spend in the gym. Pec Implants are a surgical solution for the men who feel that their self-image would be improved by a little augmentation and definition in the chest area.
Pectoral Augmentation using implants is becoming one of the most popular Muscle Implant procedures, as men become more conscious of their appearance than ever before. With increasing pressure to be well-groomed and physically attractive, pec implants are in fact just one of the many cosmetic procedures for men that are becoming more and more common.

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Pec Implants are an option for those men who wish to give their chest a more defined, masculine appearance. The reason why a man may require this kind of surgery are various. Many body builders opt for Pec Implants, as appearance is extremely important within that particular profession. The implants give a greater definition to the chest, but also complement the other muscle groups, creating a more balanced appearance.

Another instance where pectoral augmentation may be an option is where the patient was born with very little muscle, and for whom exercise does little to develop the muscles.

For some Pec Implant patients, the cause of the problem may be injury, illness or a congenital defect, which has resulted in loss of muscle.

In all of these instances, Pectoral Implants can help by improving the self-confidence of the patient.


What are the Benefits of Pectoral Implants?

Many men feel self-conscious about a lack of muscle-bulk in the pectoral area. This can lead to self-esteem issues. Pectoral Implants can greatly increase the confidence of a man who feels that his chest is not masculine enough, no matter how hard he works out at the gym. In other instances, men may find that one set of pectoral muscles is larger and more developed than the other, leading to an unsymmetrical appearance. Pec Implants can also be used to correct this defect.

Pec Implants can be especially beneficial for those who, through a congenital disorder, have a hollow, sunken chest.

How is Pectoral Augmentation Performed?

Pectoral Augmentation is performed by placing solid silicone implants, via incisions in the armpit area, underneath the pectoral muscles. This method of placing the implants underneath the musculature is known as submuscular implantation. The procedure will most often be performed with the patient under general anaesthetic.

The implants themselves will most likely be constructed form solid silicone, which means that unlike female breast implants, there will be no risk of implant rupture, where the implant leaks.

These implants come in various shapes and sizes, and may be tailor-made to fit your requirements.

Fitting an implant is a skilled procedure, as it will be the preciseness of the shape and size of the implant that will dictate how well it fits, and make sure that it does not shift.

Generally-speaking the operation can be expected to take a couple of hours, and many patients will be able to return home on the same day.

What Are the Risks When Getting Pec Implants?

All surgery procedures carry a degree of risk, and this consideration should be factored into your decision as whether or not you choose to get Pectoral Implants. General risks include problems related to anaesthesia, and also infection, haematoma, implant asymmetry, excessive scarring and damage to the nerves and muscles.

With procedures such as Pec Implant surgery, it is critical to understand that there a very few surgeons sufficiently skilled to offer this operation. To be properly competent at a procedure such as this, the surgeon should perform a minimum of around one pectoral augmentation per week.

Surgeons do perform pec implant surgery who have had insufficient practice, and if you find yourself in the hands of a surgeon you could very easily regret it! The onus is on you, as a patient, to make sure that you have researched your surgeon, and have checked to see that they are professional, competent, reputable and experienced.

You will also help to minimise the risks by following your surgeon’s advice and instructions before and after your Pectoral Implant procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Recover After Surgery?

Recovery is generally fairly rapid, although you will not be able to lift your arms above your head for a few days, and you will certainly feel tender and sore for some time. Your chest will be bound with bandages to help hold the implants in place, and you will not be allowed to lift any heavy objects.

Most patients find that they are able to return to work within a week or so, although bruising and swelling will still be evident for anything up to a month.

What Do Pec Implants Cost?

In the US, you can expect to pay around $13,000 for your Pec Implants. Prices do differ around the world, and getting your surgery done in a different country can make a huge difference to how much you will pay for your procedure.

Countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Thailand, Czech Republic and Poland all have clinics able to offer much lower prices. By shopping around, savings of up to 75% of the cost can be a reality.

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