Neck Lift Surgery (Platysmaplasty)

Smooth out your neck, lose that double chin, tighten the skin, and reduce wrinkles with Neck Lift surgery

If you are bothered by vertical banding, turkey wattle, unsightly horizontal creases, jowls, or upsettingly wrinkled crepe-like skin quality, Neck Lift Surgery is a powerful set of procedures designed to tackle these common problems.

The downside is that the procedure is too expensive for most people

We can help you to arrange surgery abroad at a far more reasonable price. Traveling overseas for treatment will save you a minimum of 50% of the price, and depending on where you choose, can save you as much as 80% of the average US cost!

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The neck is one of the parts of the body most likely to give away your true age.

The skin is especially thin and sensitive, and it is also the neck where we are most likely to forget to apply sun-block.

This leaves your neck especially vulnerable to the aging process.

Luckily, most common issues can be fixed, quite simply, through a neck lift, which reduces excess fat, cuts away extra skin, makes the wattle disappear, and smoothing-out wrinkles.

Neck Lift Surgery is one of those procedures that are especially popular with medical tourists, and many overseas locations are great for affordable Neck Lift Surgery.

For US residents, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic can all be excellent options, while in Europe, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are becoming increasingly popular.

Further afield, Thailand, India and Vietnam are great choices for medical tourists.

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Will I benefit from neck lift surgery?

If your neck is excessively wrinkled, or the skin on your neck has become noticeably looser with the passage of time, it is possible that you may benefit from a neck lift.

The neck is one of the parts of the body that can really give away your true age, which is undesirable for most people!

Neck lift surgery can also help with jowls and double chins, and removing excess skin from these areas will give you a younger appearance.

What is involved in the procedure?

The surgeon will make incisions under the chin and behind the ear. The platysma or neck muscle is then manipulated, tightened, and excess muscle removed, or sutured into place, to give you that young-looking neck.

There are also some new neck lift procedures available, including endoscopy, so make sure you ask about all your options before you schedule neck lift surgery. Also discuss the type of anesthesia to be used. Ask for general anesthesia if you prefer to be knocked out during the neck lift procedure, or choose local anesthesia and sedation if you are not squeamish.

The procedure typically lasts between two and three hours. Incisions are made, and excess skin is removed. Tissue and skin are then carefully repositioned and sutured into place. Then the incisions are closed, and the wounds bandaged, after drains are placed. Similar incisions are made for Cervicoplasty, and parts of the skin are trimmed and lifted into place, secured with tissue glue or sutures.

What are the options available to me?

There are two basic cosmetic procedures which are commonly known as neck lift – Cervicoplasty, which removes excess skin, and Platysmaplasty, which removes or alters the neck muscles to tighten the overall appearance of the throat and neck. In addition to one or both of these procedures, you can also choose to have neck liposuction to get rid of excess fat, or Botox, to tighten the skin and improve your jaw line.

Neck Lift surgery is also frequently combined with the Facelift. Often combining two or more cosmetic surgery procedures means the surgeon can reduce the costs for you, and sometimes quite large savings are possible.

What risks are there?

Platysmaplasty is the most popular form of neck lift surgery, and is commonly performed in cosmetic surgery clinics all around the world.

Whether you choose to get surgery abroad or in your home country, the procedure can be perfectly safe.

Just make sure you do adequate research, find out exactly what you are in for, and find a clinic and a doctor who is a neck lift specialist, with the right credentials and resources.

It is important that, as a patient, you understand that surgery always carries an element of risk, and this applies equally to neck lift surgery.

Nerve damage, haematomas and infections are complications that, although rare, can become very real if you get treatment at a clinic that is not reputable.

How long does recovery take?

Neck lift surgery is normally an out-patient procedure and any swelling and bruising lasts only a couple of days, although stitches come out after a week or ten days.

Although you should be able to go back to work in about two weeks after your operation, you should wait up to three weeks before resuming sports or strenuous activities.

Don’t bend over, lift heavy objects, or turn your head sharply for at least a month after surgery.

How much does a neck lift cost?

The cost of neck lift surgery depends on various factors, such as the caliber of your neck lift surgeon, the degree and type of surgery required, and the country where you are getting your surgery performed.

Many smart patients use the difference between costs in different countries to get themselves a bargain. US residents can make the best savings, with some countries being able to better the price of surgery in the US by as much as 80%!

In the UK,  the same neck lift would cost you between half and one third of the price if you choose to travel to countries nearby like Poland, Hungary or Croatia.

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