Nasal Tip Refinement Rhinoplasty for Nose Reshaping

The colloquial term “nose job” really doesn’t do justice to Rhinoplasty, and the numerous ways in which it can benefit the patient!

Nasal Tip Refinement is just one of the various ways in which Nose Reshaping surgeries can improve your appearance.

More than half million people in the US every year visit the offices or surgeries of facial cosmetic and plastic surgeons to reshape the form of their nose, the procedure of which is more commonly known as rhinoplasty. The nose is one of the most defining features of the face and even a small change in its outline can contribute a great deal towards an improved appearance.

Nasal tip refinement rhinoplasty, to date, has been one of the most widely opted for cosmetic procedures in this sphere and there are good reasons for it. Tip narrowing for bulbous or boxy nasal shapes has been seen to add a more pleasant character to the contours of the face, giving it a more aesthetic balance.

What exactly is a broad nasal tip? Well, an expansive nasal tip usually refers to the spread out appearance of the tip of the nose that is a result of markedly broad tip defining points or a discrepancy in breadth between the tip and the dorsum. Other important factors which contribute to a wide and broad tipped nose are skin thickness, cartilage strength and/or racial origin predispositions.

The reasons for a broad nasal tip can be as varied as the reasons in wanting to trim it down, but in all cases, reshaping must be performed under safe medical care and stringent healthcare facilities. Every anatomic pattern may require a different solution and there does not exist a single “Cookie-Cutter” formula for all. An experienced surgeon picks his choice from a range of techniques as per the unique anatomic characteristics of the patient.

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Many patients opting for nasal tip refinement are concerned with ending up with an aberrant pinched nose shape, as such cases are a reality in some instances when the surgery goes wrong in the hands of a careless surgeon. This usually happens with excessive cartilage removal or wrong suture techniques and is an easily preventable complication if the procedure is performed by an expert one. Right hands know the right suture methodologies to safely refine your nose tip without compromising on your looks or affecting your breathing.

As always, it is critical that you, as a patient, do your research before choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon. Check for good and bad reviews online, ask to see photos of previous patients, and do not be afraid to ask lots of questions. The only stupid question is the one that wasn’t asked!

Nasal tip refinement rhinoplasty causes

A “tip rhinoplasty” of the nose usually denotes surgery to restructure the lower portion of the nose in patients, who need no other changes to be made to the nose bridge. Usually, this procedure is opted for by people who want to reform a bulbous tipped nose. In some cases the procedure is sought out in order to correct the shape of a droopy tipped nose, asymmetrically tipped nose, hanging columella or even a nose which is under/over projected.

Nasal tip refinement rhinoplasty – how is it performed?

Before refining the tip of your noise through rhinoplasty, the surgeon would perform an overall examination of the shape and form of your nose, paying close attention to the inherent nasal structures, degree of structural deformity, skin type, age and ethnicity too.

After this, he will often use computer imaging software to project through digital photography how your nose would appear like, post-surgery.

For tip refining rhinoplasty, incisions are made on the nose and the skin incised thereof is lifted up, to reveal the underlying cartilage and bone structure. The incisions are usually invisible since they are done inside the nose.
Next, your surgeon would remove or reform necessary amount of bone and cartilage in the underlying area, to give your nasal tip the right precision that you are looking for.

The skin after this is again draped above the reformed framework after closing down the incisions.

Open or closed surgery?

Tip rhinoplasty can be performed through open or closed rhinoplasty techniques depending upon the needs of the patient. There is certainly not a hard-and-fast rule stating that one is better than the other, and you should certainly not choose a rhinoplasty surgeon on the basis of their personal preference.

The open procedure usually requires a tiny incision crosswise at the base of the nose. Most surgeons nowadays do prefer the open approach for rhinoplasty as through this they are able to view the cartilage frame three-dimensionally with the help of the slit, while reshaping them. It is also considered to be superior as it is possible to deal with the fatty tissues or cartilage directly via this, to tone down the nose tip without weakening the tip support. Extensive tip work is best done through this and creating a proportioned, strong and smooth tipped nose for lifelong is better accomplished through this methodology.

However, surgeons also perform closed procedures on tip rhinoplasty patients with successful results, depending upon the degree of rectification required and the results that are aimed at.
The best, most minimally invasive approach is opted for, depending upon the patient condition.

Your requirements for nasal tip refinement rhinoplasty would definitely be driven by the aesthetic considerations and alterations that you are looking at. A good surgeon will always insist on an attainable and true shape. Reducing unpredictability and maximizing the patient’s level of satisfaction and happiness always remains his main motto.

Considering getting Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

Getting Rhinoplasty abroad can be an excellent decision, and many people have been delighted with their choice to travel overseas to get more affordable cosmetic surgery.

It is, however, even more essential to make sure that you have done your homework, and researched the clinic and the surgeon who will be performing your Nasal Tip Refinement. Don’t go simply with the cheapest clinic you can find, which can potentially be a huge mistake.

Instead, think of medical tourism as way of getting the best possible value for your money. Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery means that you potentially have access to cosmetic surgeons of a caliber you simply could not afford in your own country.

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