Muscle Implants

Muscle Implants can sometimes be a convenient way if you are a man who wants a more defined and well-muscled physique, but is unable to achieve this in the gym.

Muscle Implants are generally considered for one of two reasons. In some cases, the reason is purely aesthetic, while in many cases the patient wishes to correct the results of illness, injury or genetic disorders. Gluteal Implants (Buttock Implants) are unlikely to be required for anything other than aesthetic reasons, but many of the other forms of implant surgery may be prompted by injury-related or genetic issues.

For instance, genetic deficiencies may result in one of the calves not developing in the same way as the other, creating self-esteem problems for the patient. In instances such as these, muscle implant surgery can be thought of, not as a cosmetic surgery procedure, but more correctly as a reconstructive procedure.


Am I a Suitable Candidate for Muscle Implants?

If you wish to increase the appearance of muscle mass, or correct the results of injury or congenital disorders, then it is possible that you may benefit from Muscle Implant surgery. It is important that you carefully weigh-up the risks vs. the benefits, and learn as much as you can about the procedure you are considering, before deciding. It is also vital that your expectations from surgery are realistic and you should discuss these with your Muscle Implant surgeon.

The majority of people who are disappointed with the results of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery are those who had unrealistic expectations of what their surgeon could do for them.

The best candidates for Muscle Implants are also those who will comply properly with their surgeon’s advice and instructions both before and after surgery.

What Muscle Implant Options are Available?

There are several options for Muscle Implants, and all the areas of the body that you may wish to improve on are a possibility. Pectoral implants are one particularly popular surgery, both for cosmetic and reconstructive reasons. The pectoral muscles are notoriously difficult to build-up, as they require attention to a very specific area that can only be developed using very specific exercises.

Ab Implants are fairly popular, as a short-cut to acquiring the highly-defined wash-board stomach that is becoming increasingly desirable.

The biceps are another area that is popular, as many men find that no matter how much time they spend in the gym, they do not seem to build up the appearance of the muscles, even though the actual strength may be improving.

Similarly, the triceps are another muscle group that can be enhanced using muscle implants. Again, like the pectoral muscles, developing the triceps can take quite a quite specialized fitness regime to get results, which not everyone has time for.

Many body builders opt for Calf Implants. Again, the muscle groups in the calves are not easy to develop, and many body builders find themselves with a well-defined and muscular torso, but unable to improve on their skinny legs.

What are the Risks?

There always risks with any surgery. However, the area of muscle implant surgery is particularly specialized, so the patient must make absolutely sure that their surgeon is skilled and qualified in this specific area. While you may be able to find an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon willing to “have a go”, by doing so, you will drastically reduce your chance of satisfactory treatment.

Specific risks associated with Muscle Implants are implant shift, infection, rejection of the implant, damage to nerves or muscles, plus the risks of haematoma and complications due to anaesthesia.

What is the Chance of My Muscle Implant Shifting, and Needing To Be Removed?

Implant shifting is always a risk with any kind of implant surgery, and the chances of implant shift are compounded when the implant is used to augment a frequently-used muscle. There are many surgeons who refuse to perform procedures such as calf implants, as they feel that the chance of the implant needing to be removed in the future are just too high.

Nonetheless, there are surgeons who specialize in these kinds of procedures, and by only considering clinics where muscle implant surgery is common-place, the chance of problems with your implant should be relatively slight.

Who Can Perform Muscle Implant Surgery?

Very few surgeons perform muscle implant surgery, when compared to the number who perform breast augmentation surgery or rhinoplasty. The procedure should be performed by a reconstructive plastic surgeon, and not by a cosmetic surgeon, as any complications can affect muscular and nerve function.

What Will Muscle Implants Cost?

None of these Muscle Implant procedures are inexpensive; however, all of them can be arranged for much better prices if you are willing to travel abroad to get them done. Plastic surgery abroad is becoming a large industry, as many countries overseas are able to offer the same procedures at a third of the price. In addition to the very attractive savings on the cost for muscle implants, another factor that adds to its appeal for many patients is the anonymity.

By going abroad for Muscle Implant surgery, it can be possible to get your surgery performed, recover in a warm climate, and return home with your friends and work colleagues none-the-wiser.

Popular destinations for affordable muscle implant surgery include Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominic Republic, Thailand and India, and there are also several countries in Europe where significant savings can be made. In the US, prices will range from around $9,000 to $1,500 depending on the type of implant required. However, by travelling abroad it is possible to save between 50% and 75% of the cost.