Lip Lift Surgery

A simple, effective surgery designed to reduce the distance between nose and lips, and increase the fullness of the lips.

In a world where beauty is increasingly important, we all feel under more pressure to look our best.

In fact, the better you think you look, the more you feel confident about yourself.

The way you present yourself to the world affects the way the world sees and treats you.

Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more common every passing year, and one of the most common jobs performed is a lip lift.

Lip lifts are done to reduce the distance between the upper lip and the nose.

This procedure is quite simple and a filler to enhance the lips is added to it most of the times.

Those with thin upper lips also opt for an upper lip lift which brings more volume to the lips while adding vermilion color.

With age, the upper lip grows in length for women more than for men.

This effect results in an appearance that is less feminine, and certainly less youthful.

Lip Lift surgery is a relatively simple procedure developed to counteract this particular aspect of the aging process, and is also frequently chosen for Facial Feminization Surgery patients, as this little procedure makes a surprisingly large impact upon how feminine the face looks.

The Basic Facts about Lip Lift Surgery

1. An upper lip lift is done to lift the upper lip and give it a more voluminous look and shape.
2. The distance between the nose and the upper lip is shortened in the procedure of a lip lift.
3. What is done is a tiny incision is made just below the nose, a small section is removed and the gap is closed.
4. Common types of anesthesia or local anesthesia are used for the procedure.
5. The surgery might last for a little over an hour.
6. The swelling associated with a lip lift procedure might last for a month and a half. The initial swelling subsides within 2 weeks but the residual swelling, which is barely noticeable, will take more time to go down.
7. The sutures made during the procedure are to be removed after 5-7 days.

The Different Types of Lip Lift Surgery

The gull wing lip lift procedure

In this method, the focus is to bring a fuller vermilion color to the lips. The skin is removed from the white line of skin which borders the lips. The incisions are made in such a way that the shape of the lips is changed. Incisions are made below the lower lip as well to increase the appearance of the vermilion for the lower lip. The swelling subsides within 2 weeks and the tightness takes about 2 months to go down.

The Bull horn lip lift

This procedure focuses on making the lips protrude so they look fuller and youthful. The incision made below the nose is of a bull horn shape and it is done to reduce the gap between the nose and the upper lip. After removing some skin from that area, it is closed by pulling beneath it upwards thus making the lips protrude a little more outwards. Along with this procedure, a fat injection might be added to make the lips appear fuller and more pronounced. This procedure also works on elevating the corners of the mouth. It takes about 2-4 months for the lips to fully heal from this surgery.

Thread lip lift

In this surgery, a square stitch is made from one nostril to another and down to the peaks of the Cupid’s bow. Thread lip lifts are not that common because they don’t have lasting effects.

Italian lip lift

This requires two incisions made below each nostril. A little bit of skin tissue is removed from those incisions and as it is closed up, the upper lip is lifted upwards giving the lips a more youthful, luscious look.

Lip lifts vs Lip fillers

Lip lifts procedures are meant to be a permanent solution to defining and enhancing thin lips to a fuller, well shaped lips. The surgeries are quite minor and simply depend on changing the natural positioning and symmetry of the mouth area.

Lip lifts are generally more of an appropriate solution than lip fillers.

Lip lifts are the best option when it comes to simply wanting an improvement of lip symmetry, reducing distance between lips and nose, or correction of disproportionate lips.

Also, unlike lip fillers, lip lifts are a permanent solution. This one-time minor surgery not only serves the purpose of uplifting the lips but also gives the results lip filler can give.

Make sure the plastic surgeon you choose is well experienced and knows what he is doing.

He should be able to help you choose the best lip lift option and guide you through the recovery process.

Also, meeting a cosmetic professional or a plastic surgeon will give you the reassurance that it is a simple, minor surgery and also give you the heads up as to what to expect post surgery.

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