Large Breast Implants – The Pros and Cons of “Going Large”

Many women do end up regretting their choice to get extra large breast implants, so it is very important to know the facts about the different sizes of implants before going under the knife.

It is difficult not to find the idea of having huge breasts attractive, especially when we are bombarded with images of them all the time. Lots of women have managed to base a career on little else, and there is no doubt that they do attract attention. And, let’s face it, a strong, well-defined cleavage is found attractive by most women, and larger implants will certainly result in a more pronounced cleavage, when the procedure is carried out by a skilled plastic surgeon.

The benefits of breast enlargement are often an increased self-confidence, self-esteem and greater feeling of femininity. Breast implants also help improve symmetry in those women whose breasts are uneven in size.

However, the reality is not always the way it is portrayed in the media, so the woman considering a more extreme augmentation should think carefully.

Although the majority of Breast Implant patients who are unsatisfied by the results are those women who wished they had gone bigger, at the opposite end of the spectrum are a significant number of women who went too big, and who choose to have their implants removed.

While those women who decide that they want larger breast implants can relatively easily have their implants replaced with some of a bigger size, unfortunately it is not as simple for many of those women who later decide that their breasts are too big after all.

Some of the more common downsides to getting Extra Large Implants

Especially large breast implants have a tendency towards stretching the skin more than smaller ones, for obvious reasons. What your cosmetic surgeon may not explain to you is how, upon removal of breast implants, particularly larger ones, the skin will not have the elasticity to spring-back to its pre-implant state.

Stretch-marks are quite common, and are notoriously difficult to get rid of, while a breast lift is really the only way that the previous firmness can be achieved.

Also, by stretching the skin, large breast implants will, by their nature, thin the skin of the breasts. This means that, in addition to the fact that some sagging about the breasts is a possibility, especially as you age, the thinner skin will make any rippling or other irregularities more visible.

In more extreme cases, larger breast implants can become heavy, creating a strain upon the back. They can also impair your abilities in more athletic activities.

Another important consideration is that the larger the implant, the higher its chance of shifting, which is one of the more common reasons for breast implant removal.

Last, but not least, any revision surgery will certainly incur more expense, which unless you have a bottomless pit of money is something you most likely want to avoid.

There are clearly plenty of factors to consider…

In order that you are most happy with your choice of implant, you should consider what size will look most natural with the frame of your body. Generally, huge implants do not suit a petite woman, so smaller implants will most likely be more appropriate. However, patients often do not realise that breast implants typically appear smaller than natural breasts, so it often the case that the implants that will create the look they want are larger than they would have expected.

Don’t forget to show your surgeon photos of the look you want; this will give him a much better idea of the size and shape of breasts you want than a preconceived notion on your part of how many cc you want.

As a patient, you must make sure that your surgeon is skilled at the breast implant procedure, and once you are satisfied that they are an expert, you should trust their professional opinion about what size and type of implants will be most suitable for your requirements. A good plastic surgeon will understand that there can be a fine line between implants that are big enough to meet the patient’s requirement, without using implants that are too big for her body.

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