Hair Transplant for Women

While hair loss is often upsetting for men, it is far more distressing for women

Men will have been conscious of baldness as an issue that may affect them sooner or later, and if the males in their family suffer from male pattern baldness they will possibly have been hyper-aware of the likelihood that they will also.

For you, as a female, finding that you are considering a hair transplant can be so much more of a shock.

Hair is an important part of a woman’s identity, and for many years beautifying the hair has been part of every woman’s ordinary routine. So to discover that your hair is thinning is certain to be a deeply upsetting experience, and you will be doing everything in your means to find a remedy.

If you want to find out about the more general hair transplant techniques, you can do so here… but this is probably the page with the most realistic and specific advice for you…

The facts about Female Hair Transplants

The most important thing for you to know at this point, is, unfortunately, hair transplants for women are not always the correct option.

Female baldness in most cases does not develop in the same way as male baldness usually does. Male pattern baldness usually results in hair loss in fairly predictable areas, with some areas of the hair, such as the back and the sides, being unaffected. In men, the back and sides are the normal donor sites, but they may not be suitable for women.

Female hair loss is usually more of a general thinning, so hair is much more challenging to transplant. This is because a hair transplant, whichever the actual techniques used, is a redistribution of the existing hair. No new hair is created.

You need a proper consultation. To find out whether a hair transplant is the right option for you requires a consultation. Your surgeon will need to find out about the extent of hair loss, and also the medical reasons that may have caused it.

For the simple reason that the Female Hair Transplant is often a more specialized and involved procedure, and more prone to complications, the price can often be higher than it may be for a male hair transplant.

We don’t want to discourage, as we have known many successful female hair transplant patients, and we were as delighted with their results as they were.

When a woman is able to throw away their wig, in the confidence that she will no longer need it, it is a beautiful moment.

But it is important to be aware that there are unscrupulous clinics that may be prepared to accept your money, while performing a procedure that may not be helpful.

Our partners, in clinics around the world are also able to offer other solutions that may be perfect for you, even if you are unsuitable for a traditional hair transplant! Have a browse, but remember that before you act you will need to make contact with some clinics, and start to begin assessing what option is best for you.

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