Forehead Reduction Surgery

Patients who for years have felt insecure about their unusually large forehead are often surprised that there are procedures available to reduce the area!

Most people tend to be very conscious about their looks. Both men and women these days take a lot of care of their physical appearance, and little things often make both men and women conscious about their looks. Most of the minor flaws that make men and women insecure are the flaws that are easily noticeable.

Considering the fact that your face is the first thing that people look at when they see you, having a bad nose or acne or a weirdly high hair line is sure to make a person feel insecure about their looks and appearance. In men, the most common flaw that you see is their hair. Most men start to get bald when they are quite young because of their genes. This can happen due to several reasons; it can either be hereditary or it can be due of a deficiency of some important vitamin or because of hormonal imbalances and sometimes even the pollution causes the hair to get severely damaged and eventually fall off.

Whatever the case maybe, losing hair or having a forehead which is weirdly big is sure to make a man insecure about the way he looks. When it comes to women, they too tend to feel very insecure about having broad foreheads; especially if every other thing about the way they look is perfect. Again for women, hair loss may be due to hereditary reasons, or be caused by a number of factors such as diet, hormones, or side-effects to drugs and medication. Having a broad forehead restricts the kinds of hairstyles that a girl can have and this is one of the things that tends to be the most annoying. Also, another thing with having a broad forehead is that the eyebrows look a little too prominent as they seem to be a too low on the forehead.

There is no natural way to reduce the width of a broad forehead. The only alternative is to go in for a forehead reduction surgery. There are mainly two different ways in which a broad forehead can be corrected. One way is by excising a part of the skin from the forehead and then bringing down (lowering) the hair line. The other way in which a forehead reduction can be done is by grafting hair to the front of the hairline.

By grafting hair in front if the hairline, the hair line will appear to be lowered. Of these two different ways in which the forehead reduction surgery is done, the first one is an easier process and the second is seen as the less preferable option. In most cases, however, both the steps of the forehead reduction are done. That is, the hairline is lowered by both removing a part of the skin from the forehead and lowering the hair line to join the skin, and by then grafting hair into the lowered hairline to make it look more full and natural.

The process of forehead reduction can be time consuming as it might take a few days to complete; especially if you are getting hair grafted or doing both the processes together. Just like any other cosmetic surgery, it is best to go to a good and reputed surgeon to get the forehead reduction surgery done. When a part of the forehead skin is excised and then joined to the hairline by lowering the hair line, it needs to be done neatly so that they won’t be any scars left once the surgery is done.

If the surgery is done by just some random plastic surgeon, there is a possibility that you might have a noticeable scar near your hair line; especially if you have scanty hair. The surgery is definitely not one that is simple. Only a professional will be able to do a good job as there are so many intricate details that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the few details that need to be considered to make the whole surgery go well are the inclination of the incision in the skin on the forehead, preservation of the blood vessels such that none of them get damaged in the process, the differences in the direction in which the hair grows, the elasticity of the scalp, etc. All these minute details need to be carefully noted before the surgeon starts the process of the surgery.

Depending on the flexibility of the scalp, the process of the surgery can vary. If the scalp is flexible enough, it is easy to finish the surgery in just one step; by excising a part of the forehead skin and lowering the hair line. If the scalp is less flexible tissue might need to be added in order to lower the hair line. All in all, a forehead reduction surgery really does help make your forehead appear naturally smaller; provided you get the job done by a professional.