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Should I Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Unfortunately, that is the one question it is impossible for us to help you with!

People may find Cosmetic Surgery beneficial in several instances, but generally people opt for surgery to look and feel more attractive. They may choose to get Aesthetic Surgery to reshape, reduce or enhance what nature has given them, or it may be that they want reconstructive surgery, after an accident, injury or disease has left them disfigured or feeling stigmatised.

The best cosmetic surgeons will try to find out exactly what results you would like, so they will be able to let you know if your expectations are achievable.

We can help you get in touch with some great clinics overseas, so you can discuss whether cosmetic surgery abroad is the best option for you…

Why Go Abroad for Treatment?

Of course, the main reason most medical tourists choose to get plastic surgery overseas is the lower prices.

It’s no secret that in many different countries the costs for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery can be far, far cheaper. But prices alone are not all that attract so many to the idea of medical travel – there are other benefits for you, too!

Many of those travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery feel that they are getting a better standard of care than they would do in their home country.

We also often find that some of the most cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures are being developed in other overseas countries.

Frequently, medical tourists find cosmetic surgery abroad more attractive because of shorter waiting-lists, while a significant proportion are concerned about the risks of MRSA in the hospitals and medical centers in their home country.

Another advantage to going abroad for surgery is that it offers you an opportunity to see parts of the world that you would not have otherwise. This can make the idea of a plastic surgery holiday very appealing.

Then there is also the aspect of privacy. By travelling overseas for cosmetic surgery, it becomes possible to get those enhancements you always wanted, and recover in relaxing surroundings, without anyone knowing about your surgery until you return home, with the bandages off, and more beautiful than ever!

In short, for many happy patients, treatment abroad has been one of the best decisions they have made.

Which Countries Offer the Lowest Prices for Cosmetic Surgery?

It is generally fair to say that if you are based in the US, pretty much every country will offer cheaper prices for cosmetic surgery.

Because of this, even comparatively expensive countries such as the UK and Canada are often more affordable.

The most popular countries in Europe are Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Malta.

In Asia, many medical tourists opt for lower prices by travelling to India, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea.

US and Canadian residents will tend to choose South and Central America for cheaper medical treatment, particularly Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Colombia.

Other options are the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Turkey and South Africa.

It is great that these countries are more affordable.

But don’t forget that you should not be looking simply at how much a particular treatment costs; instead you should be looking at the level of expertise you can get for that price.

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What are the Costs in Other Countries?

Cosmetic Surgery is typically far cheaper abroad, with savings of 70% and more possible in some countries.

For example, if you get Nose Reshaping Surgery in the US, you can expect it to cost about $10,000.

The same procedure may be as little as $1,980 if you were to get it performed in Poland, a saving of around 70%! Travel as far as Malaysia for cosmetic surgery, and you can actually reduce the cost to under $1,400.

Similarly, liposuction surgery is typically around £3,900 in the UK, but in Turkey could cost as little as £1,500, saving you 68%.

Cosmetic Dentistry offers some of the best savings; for instance, getting Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Poland could cost 80% less!

So, in a nutshell, the prices for cosmetic surgery abroad really do depend on how far you are willing to travel, the type of surgery you would like, and, naturally, the expertise and reputation of the surgeon.

Why Has Medical Tourism Become So Popular?

Obviously, the cheaper prices make it an attractive option for many. Another factor is that people can combine a vacation in another country with getting their surgery, and still save money. The advent of low cost flights has also helped!

There is certainly something very attractive about the idea of being able to recuperate in a warm, sunny climate, away from all of your normal, day-to-day concerns!

Why So Much Cheaper Abroad? Does this mean that the treatment will be second rate?

Although the prices are cheaper, this certainly does not mean that the surgeons are any less qualified or experienced.

Many plastic surgeons overseas trained in the US, to the same standards of excellence as you would hope for at home.

There are a number of reasons why prices may often be more affordable in other parts of the world.

Often it is simply a disparity between the different cost of living in different countries. It is sometimes also that a country is more business-friendly, such as with Singapore.

Lower taxes can make it much easier and more appealing for a skilled cosmetic surgery specialist to set up a clinic of plastic surgery overseas, and allow the prices to be set at a more competitive rate.

Whatever the reason, the end result for the medical tourist is that by going abroad for surgery, you can get access to more highly-skilled surgeons than you would probably have been able to afford in your home country.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

Many patients feel that an aesthetic surgery has given them a whole new lease of life!

They may find that their self-esteem is improved dramatically, they may find it easier to find a partner, or they may in some instances find that it helps to advance their career.

Sometimes cosmetic surgery patients may have felt bullied or stigmatized in the past, and have found that getting surgery has helped with that.

Plastic surgery enables the patient to enhance and augment their assets, often using implants, as in breast enhancement or chin augmentation, and also to reduce aspects of their bodies that are too prominent, as is the case with breast reduction surgery, and also to reshape parts of the body entirely.

Many patients nowadays are opting for the various techniques used to rejuvenate and lift the body and face, in a bid to regain a more youthful appearance. And lots of patients are now opting for less invasive procedures.

In extreme cases, where the patient has had reconstructive surgery, the experience can be literally life-changing.

What are the Risks of Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has become so mainstream that it is easy for patients to forget that it does still have risks.

It is very important for all prospective cosmetic surgery patients to realize that all forms of surgery carry a degree of risk, and this is equally true of cosmetic surgery.

As well as the possibility of your surgery not producing the results you were hoping for, sometimes there can be complications that may even be fatal.

It is for each patient to carefully weigh up the pro’s and con’s of getting cosmetic surgery or any other elective procedure. For more details about the dangers involved with surgery, read “Risks of Cosmetic Surgery”.

Are there any Special Risks Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Another Country?

In addition to the more general risks involved with any kind of surgery, getting cosmetic surgery in another country can pose additional risks.

Different laws about the surgeon’s liability, and the difficulty of checking your surgeon’s credentials should definitely be considerations.

It is possible, therefore, to get cosmetic surgery with a surgeon who is not properly trained and experienced, to find that the surgery does not go according to plan, and yet find that you have no recourse to legal action against that doctor.

In countries such as the US, there are a number of inexperienced surgeons who should probably not be allowed to practice, but you do have the fall-back of the legal system to protect you.

You also need to ask yourself how equipped you will be to cope, far from home, abroad in a country where you possibly don’t speak the language, and without friends and family to offer support?

While the cheap prices may sound appealing, you do need to take the risks into consideration, as well.

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