Ear Pinning Surgery – Correction of Sticking Out Ears

Ear Pinning Surgery, also known as Pinnaplasty, Otoplasty, or Cosmetic Ear Surgery, covers the Reshaping, Repairing, Reconstructing and Pinning Back of the Ears.

Ear Pinning has become one of the most popular types of cosmetic procedure. Many people have found themselves the butt of cruel jokes due to their prominent ears, and can find that their appearance holds them back personally and professionally. The surgery to correct sticking out ears can give you a whole new lease of life, by restoring your self-confidence!

Cosmetic Ear Surgery is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery, and it was practiced in a much more basic form in Roman times, with the doctors fixing and reconstructing outer ears that had been damaged in battle. In fact, as early as 600BC, Otoplasty was being practiced in India, where ears that had been amputated as a punishment for crimes were reconstructed.

Fast forward to the middle of the 20th century, and Clarke Gable famously had his protruding ears pinned back, to help advance his acting career. As it is hard to imagine one of Hollywood’s top romantic lead actors with sticking out ears, it is probably fair to say that his cosmetic ear pinning surgery did help him achieve his success!

Since that point, ear pinning has become a remarkably common procedure, and many Hollywood A-listers have certainly had a little work done…

…And many regular folk are getting in on the act.

Cosmetic surgery abroad is very definitely an option, with a wide range of countries overseas making ear pinning surgery very affordable, and often performing ear pinning to a standard at least as high as you would expect back home. For US and Canadian citizens, Argentina, Costa Rica and Mexico are some of the more convenient locations providing affordable prices for ear pinning surgery. Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are all popular choices for cosmetic ear surgery for UK residents, offering savings between 60% to 70%.

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Will I Benefit From Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

If you find that you are self-conscious about your ears sticking out too much, then it may be that you will benefit from this quick, and very safe, operation. As well as getting prominent bat ears pinned back, cosmetic ear surgery in the modern age is capable of making big ears smaller by removing and reshaping some of the ear cartilage, and reconstructing ears that are small due to birth deformities, or damaged through an accident. For instance, often an ear lobe can be torn by an ear-ring, while many men (and women) who participate in sports such as football, rugby, boxing or martial arts choose to get cosmetic ear reconstruction to repair a cauliflower ear. In all these situations, Otoplasty may be appropriate.

What are my options?

Cosmetic Ear Surgery will be carried out under either a local or General anaesthetic. The procedure for plastic surgery of the ears varies depending on the correction that your ears require. It is a relatively simple operation, that involves making a small incision behind the ear, in the natural crease, and then removing excess skin and cartilage from the ear, and then stitching the incision back up. At other times, the ear can be pinned back without the removal of any ear cartilage, just removing a little skin, and suturing the incision closed again. In this instance, the ears will be pinned back by the tightened skin.

An Ear Reduction can be achieved by reducing one or more components of the outer ear, which is again generally performed through an incision behind the ear, in the natural fold.

Reconstructing or repairing damaged or missing parts of the ear is obviously a much more specialised form of cosmetic ear surgery, and it is likely to cost a lot more! It involves the augmenting of the ear’s structure, often with cartilage from another part of the body, such as the ribs. Here, it is likely that there will be permanent, internal stitches. A degree of scarring is to be expected after this form of ear surgery.

What are the Risks if I get Ear Pinning or Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Ear Pinning is a very well established cosmetic procedure, and it generally goes very well with no complications at all. The reconstructing and repairing of a damaged ear is obviously a more complicated and involved procedure, and so there is more scope for problems to develop.

In either case, you should ensure that your cosmetic surgeon is a qualified and experienced specialist in the field of Ear Surgery. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss the risks with you before the operation, but you may find our article “Know The Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery Before Having Any Procedure Done” informative, in the meanwhile.

How Long Will it Take Me to Recover?

Again, this will depend on the scale of the surgery on your ears. In the case of the more basic ear pinning surgery, you will be advised to take a minimum of a week off work. During this period, Pain-killers will be recommended to ease any discomfort. The stitches will generally be removed between 7 and 10 days after your ear surgery.

How Much Will Surgery Cost?

As with all cosmetic surgery, the cost of your ear surgery will depend on the exact procedure your cosmetic ear surgeon recommends. Ear Pinning will be cheaper than more involved types of surgery. Also, prices are known to vary greatly depending on where you choose to get your corrective ear surgery performed. Countries such as the UK, Canada, and the US charge prices that are often more than double those of Eastern Europe, the Far East and Central and South America.

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