Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

Although not the cheapest country for Plastic Surgery, the UK does offer savings compared to US prices, as well as having the benefit of a reassuringly similar culture.

Prospective cosmetic surgery patients from the UK naturally often overlook their own country as a destination for cheap cosmetic surgery. This is understandable, as the UK has a reputation as one of the more expensive countries in Europe. Nonetheless, many US citizens are well aware of the fact that the prices for cosmetic surgery in the UK are quite considerably cheaper than they are in the US.

Although getting cosmetic surgery in the UK does not offer the level of savings when compared to countries such as Mexico, it is possible to find prices that are between 25% cheaper than the average US prices, depending on the procedure. One big benefit of getting cosmetic surgery at a British clinic is that the patient knows that the culture and language will be reassuringly familiar, which can be pretty important for a patient getting surgery.

Another great advantage of getting cosmetic surgery in the UK is that patients are more protected by the legal system, should something go wrong, than compared to some countries, particularly in Asia. While there are unquestionably some absolutely World-Class plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Asia, it is true that in some of these countries, their legal system does not offer you that much protection. In most cases, that does not prove to be a problem, and in fact the lesser liability of medical professionals does help to keep the prices low, but when things go wrong, patients do not have the same recourse to legal action as they may have been entitled to at home.

There are many superb, highly-reputable cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK.

In England, London (of course) is a very popular destination, with the famous Harley Street. Also popular amongst English residents are the cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Brighton, Nottingham, Leeds and Bristol.

Scottish residents will find some of the best cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and if you are looking for a reputable clinic in Ireland or Wales, you will find the best selection of clinics in Belfast and Cardiff, respectively.

Arranging Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

Some advice before organising Cosmetic Surgery:

Since you will be unlikely to get the NHS or your medical insurance provider to finance your surgery, it really can be beneficial to shop around for the best deals.

However, although costs will be of importance to you, the most important part of your decision will be in making sure that you find a reputable and competent cosmetic surgeon. Check for reviews online, while being aware that not all reviews are genuine. Also check for qualifications and accreditations from professional bodies. This research should be quite thorough, since your health and well-being are at stake. Also, even without any complications, you will want the results of your procedure to be the best they can be.

You should make sure that your surgeon has performed the actual procedure that you are considering many times. A good cosmetic surgeon will be proud to show you his best work, so you should not be embarrassed to ask to see photos of the surgeon’s previous work.

The best patient is an informed one! Take the time to educate yourself about the particular procedure you are considering. If you are thinking about breast enhancement, learn about the different types of implants, the different methods of insertion, and other methods of enhancement. Learn about the risks, and make sure that you ask your surgeon questions.

The manner of your cosmetic surgeon prior to surgery will offer some good pointers about how competent and reputable he is. You should not accept any pushy sales-tactics. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged from getting a second opinion. And most importantly, do trust your instincts. First impressions are very often correct, so if you have doubts about your cosmetic clinic or surgeon, get your surgery somewhere else!

Once you have chosen your cosmetic surgeon, it is very important that you follow his advice and instructions. This will include both preparing for your surgery, and what you should do to assist recovery after your operation.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures in the UK

Breast Enhancement Surgery – You will not be surprised to find that Breast Augmentation remains the most popular procedure in the UK. There are now many choices available for patients wishing to enlarge their breasts.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Surgery) – There are several options and styles of nose reshaping, and there are even some non-surgical procedures. One recent trend is towards ethnic rhinoplasty, where the aim is to reshape the nose, without affecting adversely the appearance of the patient’s ethnicity.

Liposuction – A hugely popular procedure, again with several different techniques and technologies, such as Vaser, Laser, Ultrasound or Smart Lipo. These techniques are all ways of removing fat from specific areas of the body, using suction.

Facelift – The anti aging procedure of choice for thousands of men and women each year, facelift surgery tightens the skin and underlying muscles of the face.

Neck Lift Surgery – The neck often gives away our true age, developing wrinkles and sagging skin well before other areas of the body. Neck Lift Surgery is a name given to two separate procedures, Cervicoplasty and Platysmaplasty, used to improve the appearance of the neck.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery) – After weight-loss or pregnancy, many people in the UK opt for Tummy Tuck surgery, to improve the appearance of skin on the abdomen, which has lost its natural elasticity, making it look stretched and sagging.

Eyelid Surgery (Eyebag Removal) – An excellent and popular treatment for those people whose persistent bags under the eyes make them look permanently exhausted. Not to be confused with dark circles under the eyes, which will require different treatment.

Breast Lift Surgery – While a woman may be perfectly happy with the actual size of her breasts, they may be less pert than they were when she was younger. This can be rectified with the Breast Lift procedure.

Ear Pinning Surgery – Sticking out ears can be easily treated using the surgical technique known as Pinnaplasty, while other cosmetic problems with the ears can also be addressed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Reduction – While many women get surgery to increase breast size, there is also a large number of women every year opting for the reduction of uncomfortably large breasts.

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction) – The most popular of specifically male cosmetic surgery procedures. Gynecomastia is a problem that is very upsetting for many males in the UK, as elsewhere. In many instances, the only realistic way to treat the problem is through surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery in the UK Can Be More Affordable Than You Think!

If your main focus is just on finding the cheapest surgery you can, then probably the UK is not the perfect option for you. However, if you are looking to get the best value for your money, as we think you should be aiming for, the UK is an excellent location. Many UK cosmetic surgery clinics offer savings if you are able to get to the clinic at a time when they are less busy, so if you are prepared to be a little flexible, getting a good deal can be quite possible.

For those prospective patients not actually from the UK, there are a wealth of tourist attractions to see in the UK, if you wish to make your surgery into a kind of cosmetic surgery holiday!

It’s not your only option for cheaper cosmetic surgery abroad, and we are not currently working with any UK clinics, as we feel that the savings are not significant enough to justify the cost of travel.

Find the best prices for Cosmetic Surgery!