Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore

Singapore has one of the Strongest Economies in the World, and is considered by many to be the Hub of Medical & Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in Asia. Offering World-Class Clinics & Surgery at Far Lower Prices, Many Thousands of Tourists Visit Singapore For Cheap Cosmetic Surgery.

Already a hugely popular destination for Cosmetic Surgery abroad, Singapore aims to be serving one million foreign patients a year by 2012. Presently 200,000 medical tourists visit Singapore annually, many of them for cheaper cosmetic surgery.

Singapore has an excellent reputation for many types of cosmetic surgeries, but some of the most popular are Liposuction, Rhinoplasty(Nose Job Surgery) and Tummy Tuck Surgery. Face Lift Surgery is also very commonly performed, while Weight-Loss Surgeries such as Gastric Bypass or Lap Band Surgery are becoming very popular. For many cosmetic surgery procedures in Singapore, it is possible to save 50% to 70% compared to prices in the US, and sometimes even more!

Sometimes unfairly maligned as Asia-Lite, Singapore has extremely low levels of poverty, corruption traffic jams and crime. Why it should be that anyone should miss these features is beyond me, but if you look beyond this, you will see a rich and diverse culture, with a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese.

An small but extremely populous Island-State, Singapore is in fact an extremely enjoyable country to visit, with excellent food of many varieties, superb shopping, and a surprising amount of rainforest still intact for such a small, crowded country. The centre of the island has tropical rainforest where all you can hear is the monkeys swinging in the trees.

It is true that Singapore is not the most liberal of countries, and freedom of speech is yet to catch on, due to belief that it will just cause trouble, but Singapore is not as uptight and regulated as some would have you believe. The community is colourful, lively, and friendly, and in many ways you can’t hope for more.

So why is it so much cheaper to get your cosmetic surgery done in Singapore?

Partly, the cost of living in Singapore, and also the infrastructure costs are cheaper than in the US. It is cheaper for a skilled cosmetic surgery practitioner to set up a state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic than it would be in many other countries of the world.

However, the other factor is that Singapore is so exceptionally business-friendly. The business taxes payable are among the lowest in the world, making it much more cost-effective for a cosmetic surgery clinic to operate.

There is no question that Cosmetic Surgeons in Singapore are the equal to professionals anywhere else in the world, as you would expect from a country known for its order, cleanliness and technological advancement.

In fact, Singapore has some of the most state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facilities in Asia, if not the world.

This does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind, and get your boob job with the first cosmetic surgery clinic you find. In Singapore, as with any other country, there are plastic surgeons who are more highly skilled and trained than others.

As always, if you are organizing cosmetic surgery in Singapore yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organize your cosmetic surgery is through us or another agent or referral service, as they will have vetted the Plastic Surgery Clinics for you.