Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Due to the Far Lower Cost of Living in Mexico, it is Possible to Make Huge Savings on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures, While Visiting One of the Most Vibrant, Exciting Locations on Earth!

Although it is true that there is a great deal of poverty in Mexico, you need not think that it is impossible to get world-class cosmetic surgery. The lower cost of living in Mexico also results in far lower infrastructure costs, which means that it is possible for a skilled cosmetic surgeon to set up a cosmetic surgery clinic far cheaper than it would be possible for his counter-part in the US.

Mexico, in fact, has become a hugely popular destination for US residents wishing to reduce the costs of cosmetic surgery, without sacrificing on the quality. Compared to the US prices, it is possible to save between 50% and 60% on a Breast Lift in Mexico, while a Nose Job is often between 60% and 70% cheaper!

Mexico can be a little bit daunting for visitors not used visiting countries outside of the developed world, however, most Mexicans will be only too happy to make you feel at home. Once you have settled in, there is no shortage of things to do and see, from hiking, visiting the ancient historical sites, snorkelling amongst the coral reefs, or maybe just chilling out at the beach with a good book and a tequila sunrise…

A visit to see the ancient complex that is Teotihuacán, with its two vast pyramids, is pretty much compulsory viewing if you are anywhere near Mexico City. Teotihuacán was, in its heyday, the biggest metropolis in the whole of Mesoamerica, and to see it now is simply awesome!

Also, if you are able to arrange your holiday to Mexico for the beginning of November, the famous Mexican Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos, is a must see!

As always, if you are organising cosmetic surgery in Mexico by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your cosmetic surgery is through an agent or referral service like us, as they will have vetted the Plastic Surgery Clinics for you.