Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Male Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery is becoming ever more popular

With ever-increasing pressure for men to appear youthful and dynamic well into their fifties and even sixties, an interest in plastic surgery to combat the signs and effects of aging is inevitable. Facial cosmetic surgery is particularly on the rise, but so are surgeries for the body, as men feel the need to look good on the beach or in the changing room.

Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures are clearly men-only ones, such as the treatment of male gynecomastia (male breast reduction), pectoral implants, testicular implants etc, while others such as hair transplant surgery are applicable to both men and women, but of cause far more likely among men.

Where once, cosmetic surgery for men may have been regarded as vanity, male grooming has become big business. A glance at the number of cosmetic products for men at the pharmacist confirms this!

Cosmetic surgery for men, in common with all elective surgery procedures, can be very expensive, so many men choose to get surgery abroad. Prices for male cosmetic surgery are often less than half the price in counties such as Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico or Argentina. By opting for surgery abroad, prices can be reduced, and also the man can enjoy an anonymity, which can be very appealing!

Cosmetic surgery for men tends to fall into two camps. On one hand, there are the types of surgery that are intended to beautify, correct imperfections, and increase an appearance of youthfulness. These tend to be the unisex types of cosmetic surgery such as nose reshaping and other facial surgeries; body sculpting; wrinkle treatment; and fat removal. The surgical correction of bat-ears is popular among men, as men are less likely to be able to hide protruding ears with their hairstyle, particularly as the fashion is presently for shorter hair.

Sporting activities may also have resulted in damage that can be fixed or improved, an example being cauliflower ear, prevalent among rugby players and boxers, or broken or crooked noses.

While many of these male cosmetic surgeries are similar to their female counterparts, it is generally agreed that they should be approached somewhat differently. Typically, men will still be more sensitive to the idea that people may guess that they have had plastic surgery, so the results often need to be more subtle.

Too perfect and small a nose will appear strangely feminine. Cheek implants that look too chiseled will often look unconvincing on a man. On the other hand, either a man or a woman may opt for chin implant surgery to correct a weak chin, but a man will generally require a larger implant.

On the other hand are the surgeries that increase the masculinity of the patient, or decrease a perceived femininity. The surgery for treatment of male gynecomastia is undoubtedly on the rise, and there are now clinics devoted solely to male breast reduction, genital enlargement, or male cosmetic surgery in general. A quick search on Google for “male breast reduction surgery” will yield hundreds of thousands of results.

You may be surprised to learn that now about one quarter of all Rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures are performed on men. Also fast growing in popularity are Liposuction, Botox Injections, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal).

One thing is certain; cosmetic surgery for men is set to continue to rise.