Cosmetic Surgery in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Boasts Some of the World’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons. And With an Average Temperature of 26°c, Unspoilt Beaches, Coral Reefs, rolling mountains and lush jungles and forests, there is no shortage of things to do and see in the Dominican Republic!

The Dominican Republic is without a doubt one of the most alluring destinations for cheap cosmetic surgery abroad. With some very state-of-the-art clinics, and highly-skilled and accredited plastic surgeons, combined with the natural beauty of the location itself, you will be pushed to find a better location for your cosmetic surgery vacation!

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation, after Cuba, both in terms of population and area. The Dominican Republic is also the biggest tourist and medical tourism destination of all the Caribbean countries, which has helped it develop the strongest economy.

There really are so many places to explore, it’s a wonder that anyone finds time for the cosmetic surgery they went there for!

There are plenty of activities for the more adventurous tourist, or you could just choose to relax at the beach, looking out over the crystal blue waters. Whale spotting is a popular activity for many, as Samana on the North East Coast of the Dominican Republic is one of the biggest and best breeding grounds for the humpback whale.

In addition to the obvious splendour of the Dominican Republic as a location for cheaper cosmetic surgery abroad, there are of cause other reasons why so many people choose to come here!

Of cause, the fact that you can save between 40% and 80% of the cost of most cosmetic surgery procedures is a great incentive. Many people find that it is possible to have the holiday of a life-time, and the cosmetic surgery they have been dreaming of, and still pay less than they would have for surgery in the US!

The other benefit of cosmetic surgery abroad is that you are guaranteed a valuable bit of privacy. You can go to the Dominican Republic for a Nip-and-a-Tuck, recover in beautiful, relaxing surroundings, and return home with a tan, with no-one at home any the wiser that you have been for cosmetic surgery.

As always, if you are organising cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your cosmetic surgery is through a reputable agent or referral service, as they will have vetted the Plastic Surgery Clinics for you.