Cosmetic Surgery in Cyprus

Cyprus is Popular as a Destination for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Amongst Europeans, Who Appreciate the Cheaper Prices, the Excellent Cosmetic Surgery Facilities, & Cyprus’s Warm Climate, all in Reasonably Close Proximity to Home.

Cyprus has quite a unique feeling to it, as although based in the Mediterranean, a lot of its character is influenced by its proximity to Africa and Asia, resulting a mix of the East and the West.

With beautiful beaches and pleasantly warm climate, Cyprus is an ideal tourist destination in its own right, but what encourages many of Cyprus’s visitors is the money to be saved on medical treatments, especially cosmetic surgery.

Cyprus is certainly cheaper, as far as cosmetic surgery abroad is concerned, and many Europeans travel to Cyprus every year. A UK patient travelling to Cyprus for Face Lift Surgery can expect to pay less than half-price, and similar savings can be made on a Breast Lift, a Tummy Tuck or Rhinoplasty, along with most other cosmetic surgery procedures.

So why is it so much cheaper to get your cosmetic surgery done in Cyprus?

Simply, the cost of living in Cyprus, and also the infrastructure costs are much cheaper than in much of Europe. It is much cheaper for a skilled cosmetic surgery practitioner to set up a state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic in Cyprus than it would be in many other countries of the world. There is no question that Cosmetic Surgeons in Cyprus can be the equal to professionals anywhere else in the world; however, simply by getting on a low-cost flight, it is possible to get a level of cosmetic surgery in Cyprus that you could possibly never have afforded at home.

In fact, Cyprus has some of the most state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facilities in the Mediterranean.

This does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind, and get your boob job with the first cosmetic surgery clinic in Cyprus you find. In Cyprus, as with any other country, there are plastic surgeons who are more highly skilled and trained than others.

As always, if you are organizing cosmetic surgery in Cyprus yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organize your cosmetic surgery is through us or another agent or referral service, as they will have vetted the Plastic Surgery Clinics for you.