Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Reputation as a Destination for Cosmetic Surgery is Well-Deserved. Highly-Skilled Cosmetic Surgeons, World-Class Medical Facilities, & Far Lower Prices, in a Location Often Described as Paradise

It’s no wonder that so many Americans choose Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery abroad!

A uniquely peaceful country within this region, Costa Rica is so stable that it hasn’t had its own army since 1949. It is against this backdrop that Costa Rica has become one of the most visited of international tourist destinations, and has developed an extremely successful sideline in Cosmetic Surgery Vacations.

The natural beauty and biodiversity of Costa Rica is often mentioned, and much of the local fauna and flora is almost impossible to miss, from Howler Monkeys to Toucans. Because of the small scale of Costa Rica, you can quite easily try snorkelling, surfing, hiking, visiting an active volcano or the cloud forest, laze at one of the stunning beaches, or go wild-life spotting all in a relatively short space of time.

Tourism is slowly encroaching on the way of life, but luckily for Costa Ricans (and the visitors!), over one quarter of the country is composed of conservation and natural protection territory.

The peaceful, relaxed pace of life is a tonic for the many tourists and even more so those who are taking a Cosmetic Surgery Vacation! No wonder that Costa Rica has been named the Happiest Place on the Planet, with a Happy Planet Index rating of 76.1

If this wasn’t enough for you, then the prices for Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica are much, much cheaper than US residents are used to. The cost for a nose job is around 74% cheaper, while face lift prices are on average 64% cheaper.

The lower prices are due to the lower cost of living in Costa Rica, so you can be assured that saving money on cosmetic surgery procedures does not mean sacrificing quality or expertise of the cosmetic surgeons.

As always, if you are organising cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your cosmetic surgery is through an agent or referral service like ourselves, as they will have vetted the Plastic Surgery Clinics for you.