Chin Liposuction

How to Really Get Rid of Your Double Chin…

Getting rid of a Double Chin is not something that can easily be achieved with either diet or with exercise, which is why for many people, Chin Liposuction is the fastest and most effective solution.

Absolutely nobody who find themselves developing a double chin is ever happy about it.

Universally regarded as fairly unattractive on both men and women, it is unfortunate that the problem, once it develops, is so hard to fix.

It is incredibly difficult to target such a specific area as the chin with a dietary regime. It simply does not appear to be possible, which is why you can often see people who have lost considerable amounts of weight, but who nonetheless have failed to get rid of their double chin.

Similarly, getting rid of a double chin with chin exercises is not really practical.

While ideas and exercise regimes, both free and paid, abound on the internet, there is little or no evidence to indicate that any of them actually work. Under the chin fat deposits, like fat anywhere else, really don’t work that way. While muscles can be built up in a specific area, fat-loss acheived by the burning of calories is never as targeted.

In the past, the procedures used to eliminate a double chin were facelift and chin tuck surgery. Both of these methods are extremely effective, but do have the disadvantage of being very invasive techniques.

There are, however, modern cosmetic procedures that are perfect for getting rid of a double chin. Micro Liposuction is a new way of doing liposuction, and unlike traditional liposuction, it is capable of far more targeted results on very specific areas such as the chin.

By using a Micro Cannula, a much smaller version of the usual liposuction surgical equipment, fatty deposits in the chin and surrounding area can be removed far more accurately, with minimal damage to the skin and tissues of the chin, with a faster recovery time, and generally without the need for either general anesthesia or an overnight stay at the clinic.

Chin Liposuction, or submental liposuction is a hugely effective method of getting rid of a double chin, and is becoming quite a popular solution to a universally unpopular problem.


Will I Benefit from Chin Liposuction?

If you have under-the-chin fat, creating the appearance of a double chin, and you have found that weight loss has not helped, you could easily fix this problem with chin liposuction.

Chin Liposuction is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of a double chin.

What Are the Risks?

As with all cosmetic procedures, liposuction of the chin has some risks attached.

It is undeniably safer than most plastic surgery, as it is less invasive, and does not require the use of general anesthesia.

The risks will be minimized by following your liposuction surgeon’s advice and instructions prior to, and after, surgery.

Are There Any Exercises that Will Help Me Lose My Double Chin?

Despite some information that is peddled on the internet, there is no way that any exercises can help you lose a double chin.

Although it is certainly possible to improve muscle tone around the neck and chin area by doing many, many repetitions of exercises, there will remain fat deposits under the chin.

Fat cannot be exercised away in this manner. If the rate at which your body burns calories exceeds your calorific intake, then weight, and fat, can certainly be lost, but unfortunately no-one has any level of control over where that fat will be lost.

Will I Be Left With Loose Skin After My Double Chin Surgery?

In most instances, Chin Liposuction will be the only surgical procedure required to get rid of a double chin, but you should be aware that in cases where the patient has got a great deal of chin fat, it is possible that the skin in the area will have stretched somewhat. Generally, this skin will find its own way back into place, but when the skin is too stretched, or has lost its elasticity, the surgeon will most likely to suggest the more traditional chin tuck procedure, where he will trim off a little of that excess skin.

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

Recovery after chin liposuction is quite fast. Unlike with a facelift or chin tuck, the incisions made by the surgeon are tiny, so heal very quickly. The instrument used in Chin Liposuction, the Micro Cannula , is very small, usually around 2mm diameter, so very little bruising and swelling will occur, compared to traditional liposuction.

The small incisions mean that any scars will be very slight, and in any case will be placed where they are very hard to notice.

Since a local, rather than a general, anesthetic will invariably be used, the patient can be up and about immediately. Two or three days off work are normal, during which time you will wear a chin support strap, to provide the area with a gentle pressure and aid healing. You will be quite capable of light-to-moderate activities during even the very early stage of recovery.

How Much Will Getting Rid of My Double Chin Cost?

It is difficult to give an accurate cost for chin liposuction, as the prices do vary so much from one area to another, and from one clinic to another. An average figure is somewhere between $1,000 at the lower end of the spectrum, with the more expensive clinics charging as much as $3,000 or more.

Since Chin Liposuction is not especially cheap, many people choose to travel abroad for this fairly basic cosmetic procedure, as this can make the prices much more affordable, saving in some instances up to 80% of the cost. Some countries that specialize in this, as well as other plastic surgery procedures are Poland, Czech Republic, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Thailand and India.

One distinct benefit to getting chin lipo abroad is that while most people would not be able to afford the best clinic in the US, they may find a top-quality clinical facility in India, Mexico or the Czech Republic much more affordable.

In the same way as getting Chin Liposuction in your home country, there are, however, a few things that you need to keep in mind.

As well as simply comparing prices for Double Chin Removal, you do need to know that the clinic and surgeon is reputable.

As well as knowing that your surgeon is a skilled, and accredited, submental liposuction practitioner, you should also make sure that he is experienced in that procedure that you are considering. These are things that it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure, by doing a reasonable amount of research.

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