Chin Augmentation Surgery with Implants

The perfect option if you are self-conscious about your weak or receding chin

Augmentation of the chin, also known as Mentoplasty, is a popular choice for patients with a weak or receding chin. Chin Augmentation is often, but not always, performed along with Rhinoplasty, as a stronger chin can help emphasize the benefits of the nose reshaping surgery.

A common surgical procedure, chin augmentation with implants has been around for some time. It is comparatively simple, and also involves less risk than many other cosmetic surgeries. As the expense of chin augmentation is still fairly high, many people choose to get cosmetic surgery abroad, to get the most affordable chin implants.

Popular destinations in Europe for surgical chin augmentation are Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain and Hungary, while many US citizens travel to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico for their surgery. South East Asia also has many clinics with a great deal of expertise in chin augmentation and implants, especially Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Typically, savings of up to 75% can be made on chin surgery for those prepared to travel overseas.

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Can I Benefit From Chin Augmentation?

Many patients who opt for chin augmentation have a receding, or weak chin. Other patients, particularly men, actually have a chin that is quite normal, but choose to get implant surgery to enhance their chin in order to give their face greater definition. A larger chin is generally perceived as a less-attractive feature on women, but in men can increase an appearance of masculinity.

A large percentage of Mentoplasty patients have their chin augmentation in conjunction with a nose job, because these two treatments do complement each other very well, often resulting in a quite dramatic improvement of profile.

Will Chin Augmentation surgery help get rid of my Double Chin?

Chin Augmentation is not intended to solve the problem of a double chin. The double chin is associated with a combination of loose skin and a build up of fat, so the best ways to deal with this will be either with liposuction of the chin, or a face lift, to remove some of the skin in the affected area.

What happens during Chin Augmentation Surgery?

The chin augmentation process can work in several different ways, or using a combination of techniques. Often the surgery is a matter of manipulating the mandible or jaw bone, moving it backwards or forwards to create a more appealing profile.

In other instances, implants are attached to the bone in the chin, building up the chin area to the correct height. Chin implants may be bone donations from the Mentoplasty patient, or they may be made from synthetic materials. One popular material in use for chin implant surgery nowadays is Gore Tex, which is shaped and then screwed to the bone of the chin. As a material for chin augmentation, Gore Tex is very good, because the porous nature of it allows the bone and tissue to grow around and into the implant, making it very durable.

The incision through which the chin implant is inserted is generally, although not always, made through the inside of the mouth. As a result, scarring is usually not an issue with chin augmentation surgery.

How long does it take to recover from Mentoplasty?

The recovery from Mentoplasty will be fairly quick. You can expect the chin area to be painful and tender for around three weeks, and the use of painkillers will be essential. During this initial period, you should avoid any strenuous activities.

If the chin implants are inserted from within the mouth, you will be limited to a liquid diet.

Bruising and swelling are to be expected, as with all surgeries. If the suturing is inside the mouth, dissolvable stitches will probably be used. If not, you can expect the stitches to be removed after around 10 days.

What are the Risks with getting Chin Augmentation?

Chin Augmentation is certainly one of the less risky cosmetic surgery procedures. However, there is a small chance of complications. The most common causes of complications with chin augmentation are infection of the area, particularly if the chin implant is made from patient-donated bone; and rejection of the implant, which can happen when the body doesn’t accept the foreign implant, and is more likely when using synthetic materials for the chin implant.

How much does Chin Augmentation cost?

Chin Augmentation is not cheap, no matter where you live. A typical price in the US is around $6,500, but chin augmentation surgery can be much cheaper in other countries around the world, and many people every year go abroad to save money on treatment.

To give a general idea of the kind of savings that can be made if you are willing to travel abroad, chin augmentation surgery would cost around $2,000 in Costa Rica or Singapore, $1,300 in the Philippines, and just $1,000 in Poland.

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