Cheek Implants (Cheek Augmentation Surgery)

If your cheeks lack definition, implants can create a more chiseled-looking bone structure

Cheek Implants can have a dramatic effect on the appearance!

An increasingly popular surgical procedure, cheek implants are often combined with Chin Augmentation or Rhinoplasty, for the maximum results. A fairly ordinary face can become quite striking in appearance after cheek implant surgery, so it is not surprisingly becoming especially common amongst actors and actresses, models and other people whose income is based on appearance.

Obviously, surgery does not come cheap, and if you do not have unlimited finances, the cost for implants can be much more affordable if you are prepared to consider cosmetic surgery abroad.

Typical overseas destinations in Europe for cheaper surgery are Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Belgium, while popular countries for US residents include Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Panama and Columbia.

Medical tourists to venturing to Asia for affordable treatment can also find excellent savings in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and the Philippines.

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Can I benefit from Cheek Implant surgery?

If you feel that your face could benefit from the greater definition that high cheek bones can give, then, yes, cheek implants may be a good option for you. Cheek implants add balance to the facial features, and also increase the symmetry of the face. In general, women will benefit more from a softer-looking implant, while men tend to benefit most from cheek implants that create a more angular, masculine appearance.

You shouldn’t really consider cheek implants if you are under eighteen, as you will probably still have some puppy fat, so let your face develop fully before getting cheek augmentation surgery.

How is Cheek Implant Surgery Performed?

Cheek implant surgery will be performed on you while you are under a general anaesthetic. The implants can be made from either synthetic materials such as solid silicone or Gore Tex, or from bone donations from the patient getting the implants. Solid silicone does not have the disadvantages of silicone gel, in that leaking is not a risk, and is well-tolerated by the body. Gore Tex cheek implants are porous, which means that the surrounding tissue can grow into the implant. This can be regarded both as a benefit and a disadvantage, because while it means that the implant becomes very strong, removing the implant can be problematic if the need arises.

Once the type of implant has been chosen, if must be decided how it will be inserted. Because the cheek area is so visible, it is important to consider how to cause the least scarring possible. Often, the implant is inserted from inside the mouth, and so will not leave any visible scarring. The implant can also be inserted through the eyelid, or if your surgery is being combined with face lift surgery, the implant can be inserted from inside the skin that is being lifted.

Generally, the whole cheek implant procedure takes about one hour, although this may vary.

Can I combine Cheek Implant surgery with other procedures, such as Chin Augmentation?

Yes, Cheek implants are very commonly combined with other cosmetic procedures. Chin Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift and Eyelid surgery are all frequently combined.

In fact, while we do not generally recommend combining procedures, due to the increase in risk, where the cosmetic procedures are related, such as in this case, it can be a good idea, as the same incisions can be used for the different surgeries.

How long does it take to recover from getting Cheek Implants??

After around ten days after the implants are inserted, stitches can be removed, unless the surgeon has used the dissolvable type. There will be soreness, bruising and swelling around the cheek area which will subside within about a month or so. Recovery speed is also dependant on following the surgeon’s advice.

It is fine to return to work a week after getting your cheek implants done, but you should avoid strenuous activities for three weeks after surgery.

What are the risks involved with getting Cheek Implants?

As with all surgery, getting cheek implants does carry some risk of complications. Problems that are specific to cheek implant surgery are a possible rejection of the implants, plus with intra-oral implants, a slightly higher risk of infection. To minimise the chance of infection, it is vital that you follow the advice of your surgeon. For more general risks, read Risks of Cosmetic Surgery.

However, the main risk is bad judgement regarding the shape and size of the implants. This is the Number One cause of  implants being removed. For this reason, it is vital that you and your surgeon discuss fully the results you would like from your surgery.

How much do Cheek Implants Cost?

The price varies from $4,000 to $8,000 in the US, and becomes more expensive the more experienced and skilled your surgeon is.

Getting surgery abroad does mean that it becomes possible to reduce your costs and pay significantly less, but you must make sure that the overseas surgeons work to the same high standards you would expect at home. Using a reputable referral service like can help eliminate some of this worry, as the clinics should be vetted for quality, reputation and experience in the area of cheek surgery.

The cost for cheek implants in Costa Rica, where there are some very talented cosmetic surgeons, is around $2,000, and the price is similar in Mexico, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic.

Cheaper prices are also readily available in Europe, with Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Belgium all being top choices in terms of quality and price.

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