Calf Implants

Well-proportioned, toned calves are essential if you want attractive legs that “turn heads”!

Do your calves refuse to develop no matter how much time you spend in the gym?

Calf Implant surgery is both well-established and fairly unknown among those who have not had the procedure done. Both for men and for women, having shapely legs can be of high importance, especially in the summer, when the legs are more likely to be exposed.

While sometimes the use of Calf Implants may be implemented to correct the appearance of congenital defects, such as in calf reconstruction after Polio, more often than not the augmentation procedure is performed on men and women who find that no matter how much time they spend in the gym, they are simply unable to gain the toned, shapely calves that they would like.

It is often the case with bodybuilders that although they are able to build-up muscle on their upper body, and even the thighs appear muscular, somehow the calves do not seem to be able to develop muscle.

This often results in an unfortunately slightly comical appearance of a massively-developed upper body, combined with skinny “chicken legs”.

While men generally opt for the calf implant procedure to increase bulk and muscular definition about the calves, many women choose this procedure in order to increase the symmetry of the legs.

Calf Implant surgery is rather specialized, and it is far more difficult to find a skilled and experienced Calf Augmentation surgeon than it is, say, a Breast Augmentation surgeon. Because of this, the procedure does not come cheap, with average costs for Calf Implants in the US running at around $8,000 to $10,000. One popular method of saving on the costs of Calf Augmentation is to travel abroad for the surgery.

If you choose to do this it is very important that you get surgery with a reputable and qualified surgeon, and one good way to do this is by using an established Medical Tourism Referral Service, such as

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What is Calf Implant Surgery?

Calf Implant Surgery is the surgical augmentation of the calves, using implants, either to reconstruct after illness, or build up and tone the calves for a more attractive, shapely leg. It is generally counted as one of the Body Contouring procedures.

The muscles on the calves are very difficult to build up, and so men and women with skinny legs often find that they experience feeling self-conscious on any occasion when they might be expected to bare their legs, even when the rest of their body is in great shape.

The use of Calf Implants is a short-cut to that sculpted look that you see on those men and women with great legs.

What is Involved with the Calf Implant Procedure?

Performed under either local anaesthesia with sedation, or general anaesthetic, the Calf Implant procedure will take around two hours to perform. The Calf Implant surgeon will have selected an appropriately-sized silicone implant, and moulded it to the shape of your calf.

Your surgeon will then make an incision at the back of the knee, through which he will insert the implants. There are two muscles in the calf, the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. In some instances, only one of these muscles will require augmentation, while in other instances, both muscles will require an implant. If more implants are required, this will have a bearing on the cost of the procedure.

The implants may be placed submuscularly, beneath the muscle, or subfascially, above the muscle. Both methods of Calf Augmentation have benefits and drawbacks.

Submuscular Calf Augmentation often proves to have the most aesthetically-pleasing results, and the implants are less prone to shifting. However, this method is the more advanced and complicated of the two, and results in a longer recovery time, more pain and discomfort for the patient, in addition to requiring more skill from the surgeon. It is also likely to cost more.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you are self-conscious about your skinny or unsymmetrical calves, then Calf Implant surgery may be a solution for you. It is important that your expectations are realistic, and these should be discussed with your surgeon. Furthermore, an ideal patient for Calf Implant surgery will be in general good health, and prepared to listen to their surgeon’s advice about the Calf Implant procedure, both before and after.

What are the Risks?

Calf Augmentation Surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures most likely to increase a patient’ self-confidence, and has one of the lowest dissatisfaction rates of all procedures.

If it is done well, it doesn’t really cross anyone’s mind that you had surgery done when they are admiring your perfect legs!

However, all cosmetic surgery carries risks, and calf implant surgery is no exception.

Risks specific to this procedure are Implant Shifting, infection, bleeding and fluid build-up. Scarring can be a risk, although since the incisions are made at the back of the knee, these should not be too noticeable. And finally, any surgical procedure that requires anaesthesia also has a risk of anaesthesia complications.

What Should I Know About Recovery?

Recovery from surgery should be treated just as seriously as choosing your clinic and surgeon. The smart patient does not underestimate the importance of allowing enough time to properly recover after a surgery such as Calf Implants.

You will be told to expect a long and painful recovery, during which time you will be expected to rest. Walking will be extremely difficult, and running will be off-limits for several months.

Your surgeon will give you a list of do’s and don’ts, which is your responsibility as a patient to follow if you want your recovery from surgery to be as smooth as possible.

How Much Does Calf Implant Surgery Cost?

The average cost for Calf Implant surgery is between $8,000 and $10,000 in the US. Savings of up to 89% are available in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico in South America, while in Asia, lower costs are possible in India, Thailand and Singapore. Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy and Tunisia are excellent destinations for the European wishing to reduce the costs.

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