Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock Lift Surgery - Get Noticed for the Right Reasons!

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The buttocks are features of our bodies that we can all feel a little self-conscious about, so it’s not surprising that Buttock Lift Surgery should be so popular!

Buttock Lift Surgery is a relatively new set of cosmetic procedures, but it’s gaining in popularity very fast.

Cosmetic surgery abroad is the smart way to pay less for treatment, and get the look you want.

Like it or not, your buttocks do find themselves under scrutiny…

…you’ll enjoy it more if it’s for the right reasons!

If your bottom doesn’t appear the way you would like, this can’t always be helped by exercise and healthy eating.

There are really three options with Buttock Surgery, although these procedures can be, and often are, combined, depending on the wishes of the patient.

So if you feel that your buttocks are not as pert as they used to be, and have started to sag, you might opt for a Buttock Lift. This is where excess skin and fat are removed.

Other people choose to opt for Buttock Reduction, a type of Liposuction of the buttocks, which is appropriate when you find that your bottom has become bigger than you are happy with. As women all over the world will agree, even when weight-loss is successful, losing the pounds from the buttocks can be very difficult, so Buttock Reduction can be very effective.

The final option is the Buttock Enhancement. Also known Buttock Enlargement or Buttock Augmentation, this cosmetic procedure aims to give you a more curvy figure, by increasing the size of your bottom. This is done either by the use of Buttock Implants, or injecting fat that has been removed from other parts of your body into to buttocks, to plump them up, as in the case of Brazilian Butt Lift.

Buttock Lift Surgery, in common with most other cosmetic surgery procedures can be much cheaper in other countries. So if you are prepared to consider medical tourism, you don’t have to commit to spending high prices on your bottom lift.

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What does Buttock Lift Surgery do, exactly?

Buttock lift surgery aims to help restore or improve your self-image, by making your buttocks appear the way you would like them to. While some people are conscious that their bum is too big, or just too flabby, often as a result of weight-loss, for others it may be their biggest wish to have a more prominent bottom. With Cosmetic Buttock Surgery there is a solution for most people!

What procedures are there for Buttock Lift Surgery?

In the case of a Buttock Lift, where typically the bottom has become flabby, small incisions will be made along the natural crease between your buttocks and your upper thigh. Then, excess skin and fat is removed, which may be combined with some liposuction. When the skin is sutured back together, the buttocks will be much more pert, and the skin will be more tight.

The procedure for a buttock reduction is basically the same as with any other kind of liposuction: you can read a little more about the procedure here.

Buttock Enhancement is simply the lifting and reshaping of the bottom, to make it more round and shapely, with the use of implants or transferred fatty deposits from other parts of the body. Although when I say “simply”, I do not mean that the operation itself is simple! It takes a great deal of skill and artistry, particularly with the Brazilian Buttock Lift method of injecting fat from a previous lipo session into your behind. Done well, and it can look amazing, but done by a cosmetic surgeon who is not skilled in this area, the results can be lumpy misshapen buttocks. Not to mention the risks to your health…

What are the risks involved?

As with all forms of cosmetic surgery, there are risks attached!

So, it is essential that you make sure that your surgeon is a skilled and certificated specialist in Buttock Surgery.

Of course, your surgeon will discuss the problems that may arise.

How long does it take to recover from Buttock Surgery?

The Lift procedure will probably involve an overnight stay at the cosmetic surgery clinic, whereas if you are just getting liposuction, it is likely that will be able to go home on the same day.

You will probably need to wear bandages for several weeks after your buttock lift operation, and sitting down is discouraged for the first week. You will be able to go back to work after a fortnight, and exercise can be resumed one month after your buttock lift.

Pain-killers will be recommended, and you may need to take them for few weeks after your Bottom lift.

How much does it cost to get Buttock Lift Surgery?

Prices for Buttock Lift Surgery do vary enormously. In the US, you can expect to typically pay around £12,000 for a good buttock lift from a reputable surgeon. By travelling abroad to Argentina, the price can be just One Quarter of the cost, with an equally skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Popular choices for UK residents travelling abroad for buttock lift surgery are the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, while US residents tend to favour the Latin American countries, especially, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Columbia and Costa Rica.

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