Brow Lift Surgery

Tired of Looking Tired?

As you age, your eyebrows may have started to droop, creating an impression that you are angry or tired. You’ll probably look less energetic and youthful. You may be feeling less attractive,  and you may even find that your appearance is a factor in you getting overlooked for promotion.

This condition is known as brow ptosis. It is quite common, and can be fixed by the relatively quick surgery procedure commonly known as the Brow Lift.

As you reach middle age, a slight drooping of the eyebrows is fairly common.

Unfortunately, the effect will only get worse with age.

Although the condition is not harmful, it can lead to you looking unhappy or even angry, and will probably be a major cause of you looking old beyond your years.

Happily, it is one of the easier aesthetic problems for a cosmetic surgeon to fix, and the procedure is also one of the quickest to perform.

In common with all surgery procedures, the Brow Lift is a skilled operation, that should only be performed by an experienced and reputable Brow Lift specialist. Because of this, it is not cheap.

However, the results of an Brow Lift can be quite spectacular for the patient, and most patients are extremely glad they had it done.

Brow Lift patients generally look happier and less tired than they did before the surgery, which contributes to a more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift surgery is frequently combined with Eyelid Surgery, which can make the difference between the patient’s appearance before and after surgery even more dramatic. Also at other times, it can be the case that an brow lift draws more attention to the excessive, sagging skin on the eyelids.

Either way, it is often worth seeing if your cosmetic surgeon recommends combining the two procedures, as performing them in one go can save on the costs of surgery.

One popular way to reduce the costs of surgery is to get the procedure abroad. Prices for cosmetic treatments are frequently far more affordable in countries overseas, and the Brow Lift is no exception.

In countries such as India, Thailand, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Belgium, the cost of Brow Lift surgery can be anything up to 80% cheaper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Good Candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

If you are developing a drooping of the eyebrows, and you are becoming self-conscious of the ways that they make you appear to others, then you may benefit from surgery.

It will be worth discussing your requirements with your cosmetic surgeon, as they may have other suggestions, which could help you just as much.

How is an Brow Lift Performed?

The traditional, open method sees the surgeon making an incision from the ear and parallel to the hairline. Generally the incisions will be far enough behind the hairline as to be invisible. Then the skin of the forehead will be lifted to allow the surgeon to manipulate or remove areas of muscle and tissue, to change the way that your eyebrows will be positioned.

The more modern method is what is known as the Endoscopic Brow Lift.

With this technique, smaller incisions are made, and then using an endoscope, an instrument with a light and camera attached, the surgeon is able to perform the operation remotely, by looking at a monitor to see what he is doing.

With most patients, the endoscopic method is the preferred method, partly because it does cause less scarring.

In some instances, it can become necessary for your surgeon to switch from the endoscopic method to the open-method, if problems develop.

Surgery will be performed with either a general anaesthetic, or the combination of local anaesthetic and sedation known as “twilight anesthesia”.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results are generally found to be long lasting; however few surgeries can ever be said to be completely permanent, and occasionally some patients do find that the problem can start to reoccur.

What are the Risks?

The risks involved with getting Brow Lift Surgery are relatively low, but patients should always be aware that all surgery carries risks.

Specific risks include a danger of haematoma, infection, and damage to the nerves in the brow area.

In the instance of nerve damage it can occasionally be the case that the patient is unable to move their eyebrows after the procedure, and requires follow-up surgery to correct this.

Blurring of vision can be one more complication after surgery, and although this can usually be expected to subside quite soon, you should make sure that you contact your cosmetic surgeon if this happens to you.

What are the Alternatives?

There are no real alternatives to Brow lift surgery.

In some (minor) cases, some of the benefits can be gained with the use of Botox, or injectable fillers, which can reduce the appearance of some of your wrinkles.

However these are unlikely to have much impact upon the drooping of your eyebrows, and in some instances can exacerbate the situation, making the condition more noticeable.

The other factor to consider is that these types of treatments would need to be repeated every few months, to maintain the results.

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

The typical procedure is relatively quick to recover from, and should not cause too much difficulty.

However, you do need to be realistic about allowing time for sufficient recovery.

You will probably be fine to return to work after ten days; however there will still be swelling and bruising.

Exercise and vigorous activity should be avoided for some time after your surgery, and you should also avoid prolonged exposure to sun for several months.

Your surgeon will explain to you exactly what you must and mustn’t do in order to make recovery as quick and successful as it can be, and naturally you must follow these instructions to the letter!

What is the Cost of an Brow Lift?

An average cost is around $11,000 but costs can be greatly reduced by opting for surgery overseas.

A specialist in India, Costa Rica or Mexico can be expected to charge up to 80% less than in the US or UK.

It is, however, essential that you choose a reputable clinic, with experienced and qualified surgeons, if you choose to get surgery abroad. If not through us, you certainly need to find another good, reputable referral service to help you arrange Brow Lift Surgery abroad with a quality-checked clinic.

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