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Increases volume and roundness, for a more pert, youthful, sexy appearance.

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is a different procedure from either the traditional buttock lift or other methods of buttock enhancement using implants.

Fat is removed from areas of the patient’s body that have an excess of fat, and transferred to the buttocks, increasing volume and roundness for a more pert, youthful appearance.

In addition to increasing volume of the buttocks, there will also be an improvement in shape.

Generally, this fat will be harvested via normal liposuction methods from the abdomen and thighs, before being processed and purified and reinjected into the Gluteal region. Fat will also be removed from some areas around the buttocks, which will help to sculpt the area, creating the desired round, full appearance.

The results of a well-performed Brazilian Butt Lift will be a more shapely and attractive behind, and when combined with the liposuction to the sides and abdomen can result in the much-sought-after hour-glass figure.

Most women find that they are extremely pleased with the results of their Brazilian Butt Lift, and find that their surgery greatly increases their self-confidence.


How Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

The Brazilian Butt Lift works by using your own fat to lift and augment the buttocks. This is achieved using a technique called autologous fat transfer, that is also used for natural breast augmentation.

By a process of removing and sculpting fat from around the buttocks, to accentuate the roundness, and then injecting fat into the buttocks to increase the actual volume, it becomes possible for many women to have the pert, fuller behind that they desire.

The actual degree of augmentation that is achieved is subject to several factors; the initial size of the buttocks, the goals of the patient, and the amount of fat available to transfer.

Can I Get the Same Results With Exercise?

There are work-out regimes such as the Brazil Butt Lift, which claim to be able to get the same results as surgery.

We have not tried these programs, so it is hard to compare results, but we do suspect that it would be a difficult endeavor to gain and sustain the necessary muscle bulk in such a specific area. If you are interested in finding out more, here’s the link.

Are There Any Pills or Dietary Supplements That Will Give the Same Results?

We are not aware of any pills that can replicate the effects of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Most of these kinds of products are scams, and at best will do nothing.

At worst, they can be extremely damaging to your health.

So in short, no, we do not believe that their are any such pills that will give the same results.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Butt Lift?

The typical patient is keen on increasing both the size and form of the buttocks. If your buttocks have the correct volume for you, and you would simply like your buttocks to be tightened-up and lifted, then a traditional buttock lift may be more appropriate for you. However, if your aim is to have a rounder booty, as is becoming more fashionable, then the Brazilian Butt Lift will probably be your best option.

One factor that you will need to consider is whether or not you actually have enough body fat to transfer. Extremely skinny patients will not be suitable for fat injections, and will most likely have to consider the possibility of synthetic implants, instead.

What Options Are Available?

In addition to the Brazilian Butt Lift, if you are not interested in an increase of volume to the buttock area, traditional buttock lift surgery may be appropriate.

In the event that you do have enough body fat to transfer to the buttocks, synthetic implants may be the only way to augment the actual size of your bum.

Will I Be Able To Sit Down After Butt Lift Surgery?

Most surgeons agree that you should not sit down for around three weeks after surgery. Before this, the transferred fat will be prone to being flattened or distorted.

Also, sitting on your newly-augmented buttocks will reduce the amount of blood getting to the area.

A likely result of this is that some of the new fat cells will die.

So to maximize the chances of the fat graft to survive, it is generally agreed that you should not sit down, and certainly not for long periods.

It is not easy to avoid sitting down for such a long time, but it is possible, and it is definitely worth it!

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

If the patient has a non-physical job, it should be possible to return to work in around a week. Sitting directly on the buttocks is to be avoided, but with a little adaptation, work is realistically possible.

There will be some pain and discomfort, however the majority of the pain will be at the sites that donated the fat, rather than the buttocks.

The first couple of days will be the worst, and painkillers will be necessary, but many people manage fine with over-the-counter pain relief medications after that.

A compression garment will be necessary for three to four weeks, which will help the area to heal, reduce swelling and assist with the contours of the buttock area.

Overall, the recovery period will be over relatively quickly, and most people are very pleased with the results.

What Are the Risks Involved?

There are risks with the Brazilian Butt Lift, like all surgical procedures.

Specific risks include all of the risks associated with liposuction, such as complications with the anesthesia, bleeding, infection, fluid build-up, plus problems such as fat necrosis, which is why you should avoid sitting down, and reabsorbing of the transferred fat, or failure of the grafts to take.

Aesthetic complications may include dimpling, asymmetry, or abnormal contours. And in the most extreme cases, there have been deaths due to the procedure.

Most of the time the Brazilian Butt Lift goes very well indeed, and it is generally regarded as one of the safest cosmetic procedures. It is certainly far less likely to result in complications than using buttock implants.

What Should I Expect Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery to Cost?

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is not cheap, as it is very labor-intensive as well as being a highly-skilled operation. In the US, an average price will be around $10,000 to $20,000. A very cheap butt lift may be possible at around $5,000, but you should be aware that you are likely to get what you pay for.

As a patient, you should avoid making any decisions purely on the basis of price. However, many patients do travel abroad to get their Butt Lifts done, and as long as you make sure that your overseas doctor is as skilled and qualified as the ones at home, then this can be a good way of making the procedure more affordable.

Countries such as Argentina, India, Thailand, Turkey and Czech Republic all can offer savings of up to 70% and sometimes more.

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