Body Lift Surgery After Weight Loss

Have You Found Yourself With a Large Amount of Surplus, Hanging, Skin After Massive Weight Loss?

If so, you are certainly not on your own!

Excess skin is an extremely common problem, and unfortunately there is currently no non-surgical solution.

Body Lift Surgery is the term used to describe the various procedures used to correct the problem areas that may be upsetting for you.

Once you have successfully lost a lot of weight, whether by bariatric surgery, or by traditional weight-loss methods, the unfortunate fact is that this may not be the end of the story.

Before weight loss was achieved, you may have believed that your self-image would be much improved, but now perhaps you are disappointed and frustrated by the appearance of your body post-weight loss.

This is because once a great deal of the body’s volume has been lost, there will often remain several areas of unsightly flapping skin, that cannot be removed by non-surgical methods.

Typically the main problem areas will be the abdominal area, the arms, the breast area, arms, thighs, and to a lesser degree, the face and neck.

There may also be stubborn areas of fat that may not have been affected by the weight loss.

So while the health issues associated with obesity have been dealt with, there can often continue to be problems for you in terms of body image.

Many people simply learn to live with this, and are pleased just to have lost the weight and the associated health risks.

But maybe for you, this doesn’t feel like much of an option.

If spending the rest of your life resembling a deflated balloon is not acceptable to you, then body lift surgery is the only realistic alternative.

Because of the way body lift surgery tackles various areas of the body, the costs are significantly higher than for a single cosmetic surgery procedure. However, it is possible to do the same as many patients, and travel abroad for your Body Lift surgery.

Savings of up to 70% are achievable in the cheapest countries, and as long as you make sure that the surgeon and clinic are reputable, there is no need to compromise on the quality and safety of your overseas surgery and aftercare.

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What is Body Lift Surgery?

Body Lift Surgery, or Body Contouring, is a term used by cosmetic surgeons to describe the combination of multiple procedures used to help a patient regain their appearance, particularly after massive weight loss.

Body Lift Surgery is made up from a number of different, but often related procedures, generally tackling the excessive loose skin that the patient finds on their body.

Typical components of the procedure include Abdominoplasty, Breast Lift Surgery, Arm Lift Surgery and Thigh Lift. Facelift and Neck Lift surgeries are also combined in some cases, while on occasion, breast implants may also be used, to help fill out lost volume to the breasts.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Body Lift Surgery?

If you have become conscious of excess, loose skin on various areas of your body, then it is possible that you may benefit from a complete Body Lift. It should be emphasized, though, that at this point you should get a medical assessment to clear you for such a combination of surgeries, particularly if you have underlying health-issues.

What are the Body Lift Options Available?

Generally, you will see the Body Lift Surgery options described as Total Body Lift, Upper Body Lift and Lower Body Lift. The actual areas dealt with will be decided on your own individual needs.

An Upper Body Lift will, as you expect, concentrate on the upper body, targeting the arms, the breasts, and sometimes incorporate a neck lift or facelift.

A Lower Body Lift will target the abdominal area, along with the thighs and the buttocks, while a Total Body Lift will target all or a combination of areas, as necessary.

What are the Risks with Body Lift Surgery?

The patient should be aware that the Body Lift is potentially high-risk, and so take extra care in selecting only the best surgeon and clinic.

Body Lift Surgery is by its nature a very extensive surgery, which targets various areas, depending on the requirements of the patient. This brings with it an increase in the risks, but far more of an issue is often that the health of people who have undergone such massive weight loss may not be very good.

So a surgeon performing a body lift must always consider the fact that the patient may be suffering from some of the problems and ailments associated with obesity. This may include diabetes, heart disease, circulatory problems, and in the case of bariatric surgery patients, malnutrition can be an issue.

All of this means that when choosing a surgeon to perform Body Lift Surgery, it becomes all the more important to make sure your surgeon is experienced, skilled and qualified in all of the elements that make up the Body Lift procedure.

Furthermore, the surgeon must make sure that the patient has been cleared for such extensive surgery by a cardiologist, and the clinic must be properly staffed and equipped. Body Lift Surgery is not a simple procedure that can be performed in a surgeon’s office, as full medical back up may be necessary.

After Body Lift Surgery, it is essential that the patient can be kept under observation and given post-operative care, sometimes for an extended period.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From the Body Lift Procedure?

Body Lift Surgery is a major and invasive procedure, and so the time it will take you to recover should not be underestimated. You should expect a hospital stay of about four days, after which you should rest, avoid exercise, and understand that your activities will be extremely restricted for some time afterwards. Compression garments are likely to be advised, and these will help to reduce the swelling. Oral medication to control pain post-op will be prescribed to you by your surgeon.

Most patients are able to return to work after four to six weeks, although some pain may be present for up to three months.

Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to ensure a good recovery from your body lift surgery. It goes without saying that these instructions must be followed fully and to the letter.

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost?

The cost of Body Lift Surgery is necessarily high. As you can see, it is more time-consuming and complicated than the average cosmetic procedure, and requires far more after-care.

It is the case however, that generally speaking the cost should be lower than if you chose to get the various operations separately. Of course, a procedure like Body Lift Surgery will never be cheap, but it can be made more affordable by travelling abroad to a country with lower infrastructure costs.

This can result in prices that are 70% lower than you would pay in your own country. For this reason, many patients choose medical tourism as a way of bringing down the costs of all kinds of surgery and medical care.

It is, however, essential that you choose a reputable clinic, with experienced and qualified surgeons, if you choose this route.

Because of the complexities of searching for the best surgeons and clinics in another country, most patients will agree that the best way to go about arranging cosmetic surgery abroad is using an agency or medical tourism facilitator.

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