Areola Reduction Surgery

What is Involved With This Form of Breast Enhancement Surgery, and How Much Does Areola Reduction Surgery Cost?

While Breast Augmentation is by far the most popular of the various cosmetic breast procedures, there are many women who are satisfied with the size of their bust, but feel that the size of their nipples is less pleasing, aesthetically. Nipple Reduction is an option, but often it is the more that the size of the areola (the darker, pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) that is creating the impression that the nipples are unusually large, while the projecting area, the “actual” nipple may be perfectly in proportion.

Areolas that seem disproportionate to the size of the rest of the breast may be because of a breast reduction or a breast lift, but they also can become that way quite naturally, such as after childbirth. In these cases, the best surgical solution is the procedure known as Areola Reduction.

Many patients choose to combine Areola Reduction Surgery with a Breast Lift or with Breast Reduction Surgery. It is sometimes the case that combining these treatments the overall cost can be reduced.

One option for reducing the cost of surgery is to travel overseas for your treatment. Many patients nowadays are researching destinations for medical tourism, and it is certainly true that prices are generally far more affordable than you would expect at home. In the case of Areola Reduction surgery, the cost can be over 60% cheaper!


Who can benefit from Areola Reduction Surgery?

When the nipples appear too big, but where the problem is not with the actual projection of the nipple itself, then a reduction of the areola, the pigmented surrounding skin, can be very beneficial. While there is obviously no medical reason why such an operation should be performed, many women do find that their areola reduction increases their confidence.

A reduction of the areola around the nipple can often make as much of an aesthetic improvement as a nipple reduction. Obviously, over-prominent nipples can very much affect how a women feels both in and out of clothing.

Will I be able to breastfeed after Areola Reduction Surgery?

Generally, the areola reduction procedure leaves the milk ducts fully intact, so you should not find that in the future that you are unable to breastfeed. However, it is a slight possibility, and you should consider this before opting for surgery.

How is Areola Reduction performed?

Areola reduction can be performed with local anesthesia since the surgery involves a small area and is only skin deep. Areola reduction surgery is generally a quick and simple type of cosmetic procedure. Areola reduction consists primarily of excising excess tissue from around the areola. This must be performed symmetrically to ensure that the nipple stays centered on the breast.

Should I expect scarring after my Areola Reduction?

The surgeon’s goal will be to minimise any scarring, and he will try to acheive this by making only the smallest incisions possible. However there will be a possibility of some slight scarring around the areola, which will be more likely if the greater reduction to be acheived. It is difficult to predict the degree of scarring before surgery

What are the risks of Areola Reduction Surgery?

Areola reduction is a very safe plastic surgery procedure. Risks associated with areola reduction are minimal, but possible problems may include a loss of sensation in the nipple, infection, irregular shape and scarring. The best way to make sure that your nipple surgery goes as well as possible is to do your research, use the best, most skilled and experienced areola reduction sugeon that you can afford.

How long does it take to recover from areola surgery?

Areola Reduction is, generally-speaking, a quick, simple out-patient procedure. You should be able to go home on the same day, and get back to your normal routine within a couple of days. It probably doesn’t need explaining that you will experience some tenderness around the nipple area for some time after surgery!

How much does Areola Reduction cost?

Areola Reduction is certainly one of the more affordable plastic surgery procedures. That said, the cost will depend on a number of factors, including the skill and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, the extent of the surgery required, and also the geographical location of the patient. Some countries are considerably cheaper than others, and many medical tourists travel abroad for elective surgeries such as areola reduction. There are some countries where the price for nipple correction surgery can be more than 60% cheaper than you would expect to pay in the US.