I started this site after using dental and medical services overseas myself.

In spite of knowing logically that other countries must surely have access to decent treatment, I was quite wary, due to the misinformation that the media is very keen on giving us.

Don’t get me wrong; clearly surgery abroad is just as capable of having complications, and I certainly don’t want to gloss over the risks.

But “Woman travels abroad to get cheap dental implants, and it all goes as planned” doesn’t make a story that the News can get very excited about. So it generally won’t get reported.

My positive experiences lead me to realize that lots of people around the world could benefit from a more two-sided approach to medical tourism.

Very quickly after building this site, it became obvious that thousands upon thousands of people are traveling abroad every month for treatments they can’t afford at home.

The vast majority of them do so without problems or serious complications, but not everyone is so lucky.

As a patient, you are most likely to have problems when it is impossible to get impartial information.

You need to know the risks, so that you can make an informed decision.

But just the same, it’s not really helpful for you to be scared away with horror stories.

When you think about it, if you want a better quality of treatment, what makes more sense:

To get the cheapest treatment available in your own country, because you are on a budget?

Or shop around a little, and find yourself an excellent, reputable clinic overseas, which is cheaper simply because of lower overheads in that country?

We’ve committed ourselves to arming you with the facts.

The facts about visas, specific procedures, preparing for surgery, recovery times, risks, and likely end results.

Plus, we can make an introduction for you to hospitals and clinics all around the world!

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